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  1. Grumdark

    3Rd Person View!

    Personally I feel good, provided it does not entail the need to eliminate first person view.
  2. Grumdark

    Change Text Color?

    Hello, I wonder if you can change the color of the text in the description of the skills, on the other color, for example green. This green color, helps greatly to read the text, playing with HMD VR devices. ¿Is it possible to somehow change this now? or ¿Could you please introduce this option in the next update otherwise? PD: My heartfelt thanks to the staff of I + D Techland, for allowing to continue playing Dying Light(VR) in as far as possible,with the new expansion Dying Light:The Following. Although it is not perfect yet, but it's fantastic to enjoy this game in virtual reality. Sorry my english.
  3. Hello, please, first of all, forgive my language, English is not my native language. I am having a problem in my game in dying light steam, from the day 11.01.2016. I have a game with 62 hours of play. Suddenly Dying Light suffered a crash during a secondary mission at City Hall. From this moment steam does not start the game, I've tried everything, reboot pc and steam, administrator modes, run game from the installation directory, verify integrity game, nothing seems to fix the problem ... It's a bit frustrating because I am in the penultimate mission of the main story, and I decided to complete side missions before the end of the story, but now I can not even enter the game ... Can anyone give me a solution? We appreciate forever. My pc is intel i7 3770K, NVIDIA GTX 980, so 64-bit Windows 8.1 Cheers.