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  1. techrandy

    MapPortal Issue

    ughh i fobared my mapportals somehow they stopped working, only 2 fields are required right? M_map and m_spawnpoint right? i have 3 maps one called insidebuilding1 the insidebuilding1 has a spawnpoint called insidebld1 so all i should have to do is set m_map to insidebuilding1 and m_spawnpoint to insidebld1 right? Also I would like to be able to warp the player to another map as if he is dragged to the other map from being unconscious, not sure how to do this. I've tried ,teleport but that only works locally within 1 map i think tried ,trigger mapportal but that didn't seem to work either.
  2. techrandy

    Voiced Dialog issue

    I am trying to get 2 npcs voiced I have followed several guides and other peoples advice and it doesn't seem to be working. here is what i am doing.. #1. Recording the line via voice to .ogg file & putting it under data directory #2. Placing npc in map (2 of them) I select a unique name from character drop down & also put this name in their name section #3. I go inside the text_steam_workshop and add String("Gursel_voice1", "yada yada yada") #4. I open up Dialog editor #5. I right click and click add new speaker #6. I type in the name of the character. #7. I right click and select insert dialog group for the speaker Gursel #8. I type in dialog group Gursel01 #9. I click text resources and find Gursel_voice1 and drag it to use #10. I go and click Build audio bank, under the dialog it even works when i hit the play button. I do this and then add the quest: ,talk _ Gursel gursel It then kicks it back to no such actor on map. What am I doing wrong?
  3. techrandy

    Devs don't care about devtools?

    The Driving AI is in the main game. i've seen 3 of them. Once I almost got it to work but had to remove it to continue working on my map, cause it was messing things up.
  4. techrandy

    Quest/script Help

    I already figured it out last night. but my audo isn't playing. I'll talk to you on discord
  5. techrandy

    Quest/script Help

    I am trying to setup where when you reach a point that the quest takes you somewhere it then triggers a voice dialog ,radio-dialog <<radio>> voice2d ?? What or how or where is voice2d files? how do i create a voice2d file?
  6. I've sent a few questions to the devs about the dev tools and they seem to ignore it. It seems they just dump the devtools on us and not help in anyways. 3 things that i and a most dying light map makers can't figure out. 1. Making airdrops work 2. advanced scripts 3. AI driven vehicles like in the game ?? ,drive-ai <<??>> HumanAI DriverSam ,drive <<??>> CarBuggy ?? I am sure this list could be expanded to 10 things easily. Dunno why they can't give us examples like these 3 things.
  7. techrandy

    Quest/script Help

    Has anyone gotten the following items working if not can we get devs to help us out here.. 1. Airdrops, I have the GameEventAirDrop on my map named airdrophere I even have a few more of them tied together location 1 - 5 in my quest i have ,actiondirector_event_start _ -event_name=airdrophere Nothing happens. No air drop nothing happenes. any clue? 2. random encounters, I have placed Class: Encounter::SpawnPoint with name of encounter1 and in the quest script i have ,actiondirector_encounter _ -scenario_name=encounter1 nothing happens. 3. electric traps. pursuit. I even took apart the pursuit_breaker_car_a was trying to get it to work with a switch PhysicalSwitchDI but no luck. surprised the devs didn't include more traps already built like the car one. If i can get these 3 things working that would be awesome. Devs if you guys read these sure could use some help. Or really anyone who might know this stuff.
  8. techrandy

    UV lights?

    UV lights are just objects with light effects and a safezone box uv lights do nothing on their own.
  9. I am seeking someone to help me on the following items for my map.. 1. Dialogue / movie setup ( I can provide the voice acting or if you wish to have a voice acted character yourself you are more than welcome to) 2. scripts and triggers My Vision: Movie plays on join (once per session) Zombies are chasing the player then the player runs inside a building closing the door, A dialogue is triggered from an npc inside. The npc talks to the player ( some stuff happens here) Then it ends with the player inside this building and the npc gone. Lots of other quests/dialogues. Rest doesn't have to be movies, just the main intro. Fix up working safezone to include having to kill zombies inside & close the door. possibly help with landscape to make it look more natural ( optional) If someone just helps me with intro they will get credit for intro, If someone helps me with the rest of the stuff they will get half the credit. Either reply or send me an email to
  10. I have started a Discord Channel For The following people 1. Map Makers 2. People trying to make maps 3. Followers of said map makers 4 Anyone interested in custom maps. Come join us! Want to get feedback for your map you are working on or released we have a room for that. Want to to just talk about the game we have a room for that. Need help in finding an asset or something in the tools we have a room for that too.
  11. techrandy

    City of Harran - Map WIP

    I am currently working on recreating The slums in the developer tools. It will have it's own story. If anyone wishes to help out let me know. This project is going to take me a long time to complete. It will be 1:1 scale of the Slums. though it might not be exactly the same it will be very close. I have brecken's tower and the sourounding area that I am working on. the tower is 75% done.
  12. Thanks I will give it a try. I know how to make safe zones, just not the light that repels zombies. but I think the light is just for show and the safe zone box is what really keeps them at bay.
  13. How do you create the tripod blue light thing that stops zombies? If anyone has any info on this that would be grate. Also If anyone knows the model name for the blue lights's light stand in capture able safe zones that would be wonderful. Thanks, -Randy
  14. techrandy

    Slums Tower Asset

    Thank you, I will try that when I get home! You are a fount of information, Thank you yet again -Randy
  15. techrandy

    Slums Tower Asset

    Yes, right.. I gave you credit in the workshop. I will probaly use the top floors though if i can figure out how to copy/paste them into my map. Any idea on how to do that? Also it won't be 1:1 The size and layout will kinda, but the decorations, fx, etc.. will all be a bit different. and besides that I may use your tower as a 2nd tower on the map. Good idea? oh, Also I am going to use either my tower you helped me on or your tower to be a zombie infected tower with a quest to clear out the zombies and turn it into another survivor building after it's cleared out and the safe zone switch has been turned on. ! Good idea? Thanks, -Randy