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  1. supernova339

    Being The Zombie So Hard.

    when I'm playing on the ps4 its not hard to find a mach but i feel like being the zombie is so hard and that i will all was lose or rage quit every time being the zombie SUCKS I'm am not disliking it but when you 4v1 and you can't get pass the uv and FLARE spam.You think where are the other hunter and mass horde of zombies I'm the only one they are attacking and this the why for the first time being is my biggest complaint they have a lot more power than the zombie hunter this part of the game makes me think why the hell are they so powerful than me.Also if you say the human is under power and the zombie need to be nerf go play be the zombie with a group of 4 players hell do it with 2 you will still lose fix be the zombie do something to make it more fun because it so BAD at moment. pls replay and let me tell you all the time i won and lose in this game.