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  1. SkeeSilentT

    Campaign Length?

    Not sure if any information has been posted about this subject, but I'm curious just how long the Story mode section of the game will be. Obviously, I'm into quality over quantity, but IMO it's best to have a reasonable balance between both in order to make any feasible means of re-playability possible. Early Access is right around the corner, and I'm hoping they will give us more than 8 hours of game, even in EA.
  2. SkeeSilentT

    Visible Legs

    Ah yes, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Great game, and that feature brought revolutionary immersion into the RPG genre. However, I remember the visible-body feature was not available in that game's lackluster Multi-player version. I wonder how difficult it would be to implement in a 4-player co-op game.
  3. SkeeSilentT

    "founder's Program"? (Early Pre-Orders)

    Yeah, let me throw my money at you guys!
  4. SkeeSilentT

    Livestream Of Hellraid On Ce6

    1PM EST? I'll be there.
  5. SkeeSilentT

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Yeah, I'm really impressed with Pawel for investing so much time and energy into the community at large. I too, am impressed with the development team for providing him with the time required in order to answer the questions we've posed both realistically and honestly. So far, every single one of my questions has been answered and I really appreciate that level of transparency in a game development company. It's good to know that a development company with a genuine passion for making quality games, along side its community, still exists. I'm falling in love with techland
  6. SkeeSilentT

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I noticed that there are several weapon types: 1.) One-Handed Weapon 2.) One-Handed Weapon + Shield 3.) Two-Handed Weapon 4.) Elemental Staves 5.) Ranged Weapons This is really just a One-Handed weapon question/suggestion: Seeing how there currently aren't any plans to implement a dual-wielding system (At least not for One-Handed Weapons,) or the use of staves in the off-hand, I'm curious if there's going to be anything separating 1.) One-Handed Weapon and 2.) One-Handed Weapon + Shield. I guess what I'm really asking is if there's going to be any perk designed for players who wield One-handed weapons and forgo the use of a Shield? At first glance, it seems if you don't use a Shield along with your 1-H weapon, you're kind of an idiot. I don't want that to be entirely the case. Seeing how one huge selling point of Hellraid is advanced customization of your character, the skill tree should welcome and accommodate as many diverse play styles as it can. Suggestions: 1.) Passive ability (A.K.A. "The Lazy Route"): IMO, Shields are heavy so maybe in the Agility Tree, if a player uses a 1-Hand weapon (without a Shield) their attack speed would be like +10-15% faster and/or gain +20-25% stamina regeneration - something along those lines. 2.) Active ability (Interchangeable with suggestion #1): Most likely in the Agility Tree. Perhaps instead of the passive bonus route, they could get an active, lunging thrust attack (with swords, obviously; axes and hammers could get a lunging power strike) reminiscent of a fencer? (Note: I don't see how a Shield would hamper a player's movement to the point where they couldn't pull these moves off, but whatever. Perhaps it could be an active ability for all 1-Hand weapon combinations, or maybe all melee weapons in general.) IMO, this attack should have a slightly higher change to trigger an execution animation. 3.) Hybrid ability (The *Ideal* Mechanic): Another suggestion is the ability to switch between One-Handed grips and Two-Handed grips on a One-Handed weapon. This would most likely find itself in the Strength/Combat Tree. Two-Handed grip mode would slow down the attack speed by say, -15-20%, but grant +20-25% extra damage per swing. - - - Personally, I think the addition of options #2 and #3 would be what's best concerning this dilemma. Well, that, or make dual wielding an option or DLC feature lol.
  7. SkeeSilentT

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Thank you Pawel, for providing us with valuable insight into what's going on behind-the-scenes at the office! This is my first post in this thread so be gentle with me folks. I noted when I was watching one of the demos for Hellraid on youtube, that there's an epic execution animation for at least one boss in particular. More execution animations: What I'm hoping is that for *almost* every enemy you encounter, even the weaker skeleton mobs, there will be at least one unique execution animation for each weapon variety in the game. I would love it if I went in to thrust my 1-Hand Sword through the rib cage of a skeleton warrior, and the blade got stuck between its ribs, prompting a kick to free the blade, which sends the skeleton backwards and falling to pieces. Say for another example, I'm about to finish the same skeletal warrior off with a 1H Axe + Shield, so the animation starts off with an overhead chop into the skeleton's skull but the Axe gets stuck so I shield bash it free, etc. I'm hoping that there would be only a small chance of this animation triggering, and that the animation wouldn't take more than 2.5-3 seconds, so it wouldn't completely ruin my situational awareness or get too repetitive.
  8. SkeeSilentT

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    Light armor Agility-Warrior with a Two-Handed Hammer of some kind. I'll use defensive magics to bolster my otherwise lackluster defense and I'll make sure to carry a Lightning Staff around for long-range nukes.
  9. SkeeSilentT

    Hellraid And Melee Combat

    Yeah, it would be neat if there were directional swings, and advanced combos. Seeing how it is they intend to port this game over to consoles, I'm sure they're trying to make things as simple as possible. Even still, I think directional swings would be possible even on the consoles if such swings were determined by the direction you turned with the mouse or right analog stick, OR the direction your feet were moving (WASD) or Left analog stick. As of right now, I'm sure it's about as simple as it comes which is a little disappointing but I'm certain, given there's enough feedback during the Early-Access on Steam, they can change things around a bit. Obviously, I can't speak about a game which I haven't played yet, so I can only make observations. So far the combat looks visually stunning but not quite as complex as I'd like it to be. Sure, dodging, parrying, kicking, blocking and shield bashing provide us with enough options to distract us from the fact that there's really only 2-3 melee swing-attacks. However, nothing changes the pace in a melee combat-oriented game quite like a silent debate between using a more conservative single-swing or a well-timed and hard-to-pull-off combo. I haven't seen the melee skill tree, so who knows - maybe there will be a skill or two which adds a few new and exciting melee moves or even combo attacks?
  10. SkeeSilentT

    Our Team Needs Your Help

    "If I still had lips and a tongue, we could talk about this, and none of this would be necessary!"