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  1. It's been a while now and now that Dying light The Following is getting released soon i expect the dev team will be getting back onto hellraid.
  2. AnimatedNuggets

    Crane Sucks

    you shouldn't bag on the game's main character when you don't even know the name of the organisation he works for. while yes, i did think it was strange that even though he works as an agent he doesn't have any skills in the start, even though he shows some moves in the arena. the devs did this because it'd be no fun playing as a max level character from the start, and renders the leveling up system and skill trees useless. you clearly didn't even think about this, or research anything before creating a useless question on the forum so you wouldn't have to do anything.
  3. AnimatedNuggets

    Enhanced Edition Questions.

    Will i get all of the content if i have the season pass or do i have to buy the enhanced edition separately? Is "The following" included with the season pass? Also can i get some details about the new nightmare difficulty? Dying light is my favorite zombie game, but it really does lack any challenge once you reach about level 12. Night time is supposed to be super dangerous but it's not even scary for me which was a huge let down. The volatiles just kind of wander around about, but being able to see them through walls completely eliminates any threat because it's so easy to avoid them. I hope with the new AI, sounds and nightmare difficulty dying light can become terrifying, i hope the night time will be challenging. Some things i hope are in nightmare difficulty: * More zombies go viral if you disturb them at night. * zombies become much harder, and stronger as you level up. I'm talking about the basic biters, because even a horde of 100 aren't even a threat at level 12 on hard difficulty. * volatiles only use their ranged attack if they can't reach you, i.e a fence or some they can't get passed. It's so annoying when they use that OP attack for no reason, it completely destroys the excitement of getting chased because they just kill you by spitting at you from 20 meters away. * maybe add the night hunter from the "be the zombie DLC" as a rare night time AI.
  4. AnimatedNuggets

    Bozak Horde Dlc

    methinks you're wrong, along with the possibility that you don't know what should and should not be.
  5. AnimatedNuggets

    Bozak Horde Dlc

    when will it be available for all regions? steam says it isn't available in my region yet (Australia).
  6. AnimatedNuggets

    Hard Mode Coming March

    heard there was a hard mode coming in march which is great cause the game is extremely easy, even at night in the very beginning of the game i can just free-roam which i really shouldn't be able to since at night the game should be way harder. so i was thinking for the hard mode there should be: - more virals, when i make a loud noise only one or two come, which is not hard at all, i think depending on the area there should be at least 6 virals. - harder to one hit kill, it's far too easy to kill three zombies with one hit with a decent weapon, if you just aim for the neck you can insta kill three at a time, that's not very realistic for a game that's based around killing zombies and parkour, in the 12 min gameplay trailer we saw the machete get stuck n the zombies neck and he had to hit him again to fully decapitate him, what happened to that? -volatiles should be able to see farther, it really isn't hard to play at night because the volatiles are basically blind. - grappling hook OP, if you use the grappling hook 2 times it goes into a cooldown mode, it should go into a cooldown mode if you use it once, as soon as i got the grappling hook parkour went out the window as i lazily "flew" around the map. -med kits should heal less. - one of the most important things here, in my opinion, is that you should have one stamina bar, for the hard mode, you guys made 2 because people wouldn't be able to run away if they'd used all their stamina fighting which would ruin the parkour aspect a bit, well if there was one stamina bar then that would force people to be far mode tactical and people couldn't just freely kill hordes of zombies which would make the game harder.
  7. AnimatedNuggets


    it's retarded people are saying "i won't play a game that looks amazing and very fun because it doesn't have a female character to play as" why do you need that in your games? people who won't play one of the best games of 2015 because of something as small as you can't customize or change your character even though it's a first person game don't deserve to play games at all, you can even change how your character looks with clothing and armor, looking at the special edition from eb games or gamestop, you can see that both skins cover the entire body except the face, which you will never see unless you do multiplayer and even then i doubt you are just going to stare at the other persons face the entire time. stop complaining about something that won't change anything about the game, i don't look at a game and think "oh it doesn't have the option to play as a female i guess i can''t play it then", anyone who thinks that must be a pervert for obvious reasons.
  8. AnimatedNuggets

    Delayed Again!?

    it don't work for me
  9. AnimatedNuggets

    Delayed Again!?

    i can't get digital to compensate so i don't know why you think that's so great, eb games or gamestop, don't give you your money back if you put it on a pre-order, so i can't do anything about that, also techland has no real excuse for this chupacabra, they've had over a Year to get all this stuff done, they've delayed it once which i could understand, no one wanted a repeat of dead island. sorry if i'm being negative, i don't see how i could be happy waiting for another month for a game that should have come out last year. the free PART of the DLC really isn't much in the way of compensation, i would rather something that the people who's game got delayed could enjoy, cause we can't play that free DLC can we now? they should just release a demo on the 27th so atleast people can play it to an extent.
  10. AnimatedNuggets

    Delayed Again!?

    The hell techland? i've been waiting for this game ever since the CCG trailer, you've already delayed to the next year, now you've delayed it AGAIN? i can't understand why you would do that, some people just leave a game for good once it gets delayed, but you've done it twice now? not only this but the collectors edition is only available in poland? and now Be the Zombie is free for all? how many changes are you planning on making 3 days before release, well, now it's an entire month so i guess you got time. still, this game is going downhill, for a game i'd never played it made my top game of all time, now i don't even know about top 3 :/.
  11. AnimatedNuggets

    Afterlaunch Downloadable Weapon Idea

    does this game look like you play as a black belt karate fighter? no, something like that would make no sense, they might have scythes but a sharpened boomerang is just stupid. this isn't a martial arts simulator this is a zombie apocalypse, if you want retarded weapons then play dead rising.
  12. AnimatedNuggets

    Co-Op / Multiplayer?

    it didn't have any story spoilers, just a sidequest.
  13. AnimatedNuggets


    why does everyone want a female character? it doesn't chage the game, it doesn't matter, you only see your arms and legs, and in multipayer it won't matter much either. just get the ninje skin dlc and pretend its a girl.
  14. AnimatedNuggets

    Co-Op / Multiplayer?

    how do you not know this? if you actually watched/researched you would know, but i'll tell you, there is 4 player co-op and if you play in co-op mode the game will give you challenges during missions like get the most kills or finish first, winning those gives you bonus xp maybe something else, i'm not sure.
  15. is English your native language or are you just really young?