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  1. WerewolfNightmare

    New Idea(For Techland)

    I would honestly say no to new explosives. The available amount of grenades, and throwables in general serve enough purpose, remote bombs like this go a tad bit too far. Plus, there's landmines in The Following, which kind of feel pointless in my book, but are the only thing closest to this. Well, that's all I can say about this though. :/
  2. WerewolfNightmare

    Personal Suggestions And Ideas (For Techland To Read)

    @VanuCultist Hey! Thanks for the responce! Glad to hear some people out there that ain't completely negative about this. I do apologize about the night time being short and easy suggestion. It's just I'm used to playing Normal and I haven't played Hard so I didn't know that was possible. I can remove that particular suggestion if you want me to.. I also do very much agree about your personal suggestions too, especially the enemies, weapon rarity, and modification. If you want, do you want me to list your suggestions up for people to see too or? If you don't want to, that's totally fine with me though.
  3. Hello everyone! Werewolf here! Now as you seen the title, this is about PERSONAL ideas and suggestions on what I would think help the game more. Right now as people may now, the game is kind of suffering a bit (or that's what I see at least) and truthfully honest, I've been seeing a bit of suspicious activity from Techland (ex. DLC not being in Season Pass, not much patches, no responces, etc). Now, I may not be 100% expert on this, but I'm going to be presenting some ideas and suggestions like, as mentioned, I feel would help the game. This is my OWN personal opinion, so it's fine to disagree with me or what not, just don't be accusing me of anything and such (as that can happen basically when it comes to ideas) Below are my own addressed ideas, and maybe these ideas are something Techland SHOULD look at and give some consideration at. There are two categories, being Important and Optional. Important are the ones that are desperate to get fixed or added, while Optional are ideas that are in no rush, but can help the game much better. Before you start accusing me of some of these ideas, yes I know some of these aren't my own ideas... HOWEVER, I'm not using them as act for stealing, but rather for being mentioned and referencing them easier so in case they haven't been looked at, they can now be looked at. Before I continue, I also may say that some of this ideas not being mine, respectfully belong to the people that created them. IMPORTANT Removal of Bullet Sponges for enemies. Prior to the Enchanced Edition, enemies on Normal (yes, I'm a normal-difficulty player) would have the right amount of heath and attacks before dying off (for example, decapitation would occur within 1-3 strikes, which should be reasonable I would say). Overall, unless this is set on Hard or Nightmare, none of this bullet sponge stuff on Normal at least. Headshots should be an instant kill like before, while body shots should vary. An example being armored Rais' Men getting killed by 5 or 6 shots in the chest, depending on the weapon, while normally unarmored Rais' Men should be killed with one or two shots to the chest. Think plausible here. I also remember I read somewhere on Steam or so that enemies should have some unique tricks up their sleeve, so why not do this? An example of this is maybe Rais's Men or maybe an infected of sort could disarm your weapons from you, resulting possibly thinking of different plans or making you flee from them. Overall, enemies on higher difficulties should do interesting things like new moves or something while having logical sense with this; make them a valid challenge, not a waste of time (and by this, I don't mean Bozak Horde-like challenge). Legendary Levels should be used exclusively for Hard and/or Legendary Levels only. As mentioned, I would really wish if the Legendary Levels would be out of Normal difficulty, and this actually does tie in with the bullet sponges. OPTIONAL Weapons/Combat Modify durability appearance for Weapons. For example, have a Common Gas Pipe's degraded appearance only when the weapon turns red, not too early or in the middle. Earlier weapons (such as pipes, wrenches, knives, etc) from earlier survivor ranks recurring at maximum level. Certain melee weapons by default having attributes to the stats (Ex. Crowbars having higher durability, Baseball Bats having higher speed, etc). A modification to the stealth kill ability, having certain melee weapons present unique animations for assassination (kind of like in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct with Daryl's assassinations techniques with his knife). For example, bladed melee weapons such as a machete would decapitate the enemy from behind in a quickened fashion. Modification to the Stomp ability. If in front of a downed enemy, having the front kick to the face (minus the head exploding when it comes to Rais's Bandits or the Virals). When getting bitten on the leg, the stomp should be faster than in the current game, where it's just a slow stomp. The abilites to stomp once or twice on an enemy like in Dead Island should be added somehow, depending on the situation I suppose. If possible, having bullets from firearms not always shattering enemy heads. This should obviously be removed with Rais's Men or Hostile Survivors, but maybe there should be a randomization where sometimes bullets can shatter Biter or Viral heads, while sometimes not. Night Time Gameplay Having the Infected attracted to light and following you if you enabled your flashlight and if you are producing loud noises, throwing in a more stealthy mechanic into the game. Using the 2013 E3 video for reference, having much more improved Volatiles by giving them the right amount of them being scarier, tougher, and worthy challenging. As mentioned, find the 2013 E3 video for reference on what I mean. New variety of Volatile appearances, like in the concept art. Option to enable or disable the slow Volatile eye detection (If disabled, Volatiles in-game would instantly notice you). Modification to the chase music during Volatile chases and in the tunnel climax in Extraction. In the E3 video, there was a version of the Escape music that had more drums and it'd be awesome if this was putted into the tunnel climax in the Extraction mission, that way it makes the chase more intense and threatning. While normal Volatile chases would have the default chase music, the Escape music (minus the less drums) would occur if the Pursuit level is at max (aka, the skulls on the side of the mini-map) Extended night-cycle AI Mechanics/In-game events Having random events being more surprising and less big on XP (although, they can still be used for XP), having it triggered by the scene before you by and being drawn by the unknown and surprising attention. Having common sense for AIs. For example, rarely would you find two survivors finding a Demolisher. An example idea for this would be two survivors instead trapped by a Demolisher and need help getting escaped or something along those lines. An modification for Air-Drops; this being having it feel like consequences will occur if you miss the drop, and the ability to get Antizin as an item for yourself or others, and also selling them for shops. Another thing tying with the Antizin would be the ability to find Antizin for your infection (although, it should be a while before desperately finding an Antizin drop for your infection to reduce stress as much as possible). As the game is in-fact a Survival game, having food and/or drinks having a more important role than being just for health Modification for world physics as a tad bit more to wind being blow, having rain and fog last longer, and the transition of the Day and Night cycle being more slower than being quick (Ex. after raining, it would slowly change back to Day light, and not quickly). Safe zones able to be invaded and/or captured by bandits or infected. Other As an option, having an overhaul to the Grappling Hook by having it functing more like the hook in the E3 2014 video, where it would take a bit for the hook to land somewhere and pull you up. Also for an idea, maybe having a new appearance for the Hook such as the one hook shown in the Quartermaster's inventory, or even having a wrist-like device for the hook to propel (just an idea though). The two headless (by decapitation or the explosion of their head) death animations where an enemy stumbles around and swatting before falling should be removed, both Biters and if not, definitely for Rais' Bandit Leaders (the ones with the mohawk and wearing white masks). Seriously, it looks pretty stupid in my book. Well, these are all of the suggestions I have posted. If you have any more ideas you want me to put up here, give me a shout out and I'll list your suggestion here for reference. What are your thoughts about this?
  4. WerewolfNightmare

    Dt - Fake-Dead Biters And Rais's Men Weapons

    I think there's still no option for them to spawn the right weapons. I'm not sure if this has to do with the enemy's levels or something, but so far there seems to be still no option. I think this may be a suggestion to be posted, along with many other suggestions I'm thinking of posting in mind.
  5. WerewolfNightmare

    Dt - Fake-Dead Biters And Rais's Men Weapons

    Ah, fair enough. Another thing, do you remember in the game where there are Virals and they can be seen standing near a wall before coming close to it and it will turn around? if you'd encounter those in the game, any chance of getting a Viral to do that wall pose thing like in the game?
  6. WerewolfNightmare

    Dt - Fake-Dead Biters And Rais's Men Weapons

    Hey again! I also have another question. Now for the Biters, is it possible that they can respawn somehow? like is there an option to have them respawn in the dead-pose position before rising like always?
  7. WerewolfNightmare

    Dt - Fake-Dead Biters And Rais's Men Weapons

    Hey! Now, I have a question regarding the last few sentences, about the presets and meshes. Where or how do I do this?
  8. Hey everyone! JoeysWorldTour aka WerewolfNightmare here. I got two questions for you guys to hopefully help me out with. The first one is about the Biters. Now these Biters I'm talking about are the ones that are initially on the ground and looking like they are dead, but when you go up to them they begin to rise up and attack. Now you've maybe encountered these in the game, but I was wondering where can I find these biters in Developer Tools to spawn in with. The second question, is about Rais's Men's weapons that they are equipped with. Now there seems to be a glitch where they would spawn with early tier weapons such as planks and sticks, and after they respawn they are equipped with the right weapons like hatchets and machetes. Is there any chance of this being modified where they can spawn in with an equipped weapon of selection? for example, instead of them spawning with sticks, they can spawn with machetes in the first place or so?
  9. Hey everyone, Moaning Guy aka WerewolfNightmare here. Now this topic today I've been thinking for a while now, but now figuring with the process me of making my own private map, I wanted to know if there was a way to remove Decals in the map such as Blood, Bullet Shells, Debris, etc. For some reason, I've tried to click on them, but they won't activate like an object does and they are almost like permanent there or something. It's been kind of bothering me for quite a while now, and I was wondering if there's a way for me to remove accidentally placed Decals on the map.
  10. WerewolfNightmare

    Bugs Spotted With Recent Tools Update

    I also noticed something off with Developer Tools too. I remember on my private map, Rais's Men that I spawned in had weapons like machetes and axes and such. However, for some reason they initially spawn in early-game weapons like planks and sticks and they respawn with the right weapons afterwards. Does anyone notice this?
  11. WerewolfNightmare

    Developer Tools - Editing Selected Animations

    Alright, now with the Movie Tool how do I use it to position things like the swinging death animation for the Biter? Also, do you know by chance how to remove decals like blood on the ground and such?
  12. WerewolfNightmare

    Developer Tools - Editing Selected Animations

    Hey Cabozzl, The animation that I was fiddling around with, with the death animation for the biter, I set it to looped. Now this Movie Tool, where do I find it? Is it in the Animations section? What does it look like by chance?
  13. WerewolfNightmare

    Developer Tools - Editing Selected Animations

    Hey Caboozl! Now in Developer Tools, I was testing out some of the animations on a Biter and I noticed that the animation kind of kept in a single position. For example, for one of the death animations normally the Biter would turn around and swing before falling down, but in the Developer Tools the animation didn't really turn around like it should be and it just stayed in one line of position if you know what I mean. Any help with this?
  14. Hey guys, Roger Ebert aka WerewolfNightmare here and back at it again with another question for you guys. Now in the process of making my private map, I went to check on the Harran The Ride map for help and ideas. I noticed there was a Viral being pinned with Military Throwing Knives and I found out that the reason why the body is positioned to look pinned is because there's a Loop Animation tab in the Fields Section. However, what I want to know is how am I able to edit any animations in general or know which ones to choose? Any help out this?
  15. WerewolfNightmare

    Old Town Door Catwalks - Where To Find Them?

    Thanks, Rabid Squirrel! ^^