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  1. akkadian2009

    Xbox One Lookin For New Traders And Slayers

    Also if you advertise your website or scam on here I will report you. Still dont know how to delete these scam, and advert posts. Also also, lmao getting back into the game. Gonna need help getting back into the swing of things. Had alot co.e up and I've been fighting microsoft for years trying to get them to realise I've bought this game 3 times, once physical and twice digital. They kept saying I dont own this game yet I own 2 season passes given during base digital deluxe purchase and the following digital deluxe purchase. Need help getting my groove back for parkour killing
  2. akkadian2009

    Xbox One Lookin For New Traders And Slayers

    so still looking for a bozak bow and some arrows, no fancy arrows just normal arrows, and if possible some king weapon mods to boost the bow to its maximum lethality. if anyone is able to help me out with this ill be online around 1 am central standard time
  3. akkadian2009

    Dying Light Logo Axe Found

    lol must be good if hes offering 15 golden weapons for it. must be damn good
  4. yo, just to get this outta the way, this is for dying light on xbox one, not ps4 or pc. if ya looking for ps4 or pc section ya gonna need to look elsewhere. sorry just last forum site i made a thread for this on had people from other systems spam posting on the thread leading to me not getting any help and the site deleting my thread. anyways on to business. yes i know my grammar and spelling could use some work, kinda in a rush to complete this post before my lunch break since im at work. anyhoo. i'm here today in search of new traders and slayers, a.k.a. people i can trade items and people i can kill some zombies with. understand i dont have the dlc, kicking myself cause i so want that compound bow. mind you all i plan to get the season pass asap its just gonna take awhile because being a soul provider to a household makes it difficult to get yourself nice things when every cent seems to go to the house and to others. grr rambling again. continuing, as i stated before i'm in search of traders and slayers. i shall post a list of items i'm in search of and if you happen to have a spare and are interested in trading or being the very rare, generous type, drop your xbox one gamertag in the thread or just add me, my gamertag is the same as my username here, akkadian2009. also, as i stated before, i am in search of slayers, people to kill zombies with. if ya interested well second verse same as the first. so drop them names so we can put them in a herse. i'll edit this more soon note* if you join my game lobby only to showcase your weapons or skills, a.k.a. rub my nose in your glory, gloaters, griefers, all round jerks, i'll give you the boot with a quickness. i need traders and slayers, not jerks. note** I'm usually online around midnight central standard time for usa as always this is akkadian2009, good night good luck.