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  1. Paweł Modliński

    Update Workshop Submission?

    You can, but for the selection of the winner the mod files have been stored locally, and any updates won't be taken into account for this contest. However, your submission is first and foremost cool content for your fellow Dying Light players, so any updates and improvements are more than welcome. Keep up the good work!
  2. Paweł Modliński

    Animation And Contrast Changes?

    The graphics were upgraded since 2013, especially the lighting system. If you believe it was a downgrade, then it most likely is your personal opinion. Stylistically, we are striving to provide you with the most realistic experience possible, and Dying Light's graphics are set towards that goal, and from the technical standpoint it's a clear case of improvement. Even if that's not what you perceive due to your personal preference. Let's not go into the whole 'banning' business, Wolfmeister1010 has real concerns he wants to have addressed. I hope I did that, but we were mostly dumbfounded by the claim the game looks worse. Maybe that's because Dying Light features a day/night cycle, and the lighting changes depending on the time of the day, which might be part of the confusion (various gameplay videos showing different time of day - meaning different lighting)?
  3. Hey guys, To clarify - early in the development the stamina was shared between running and fighting. In testing though, it posed a very real gameplay problem, and crippled the pace of the game. Basically, you would constantly be left in situations that if you encounter an enemy while running, climbing and jumping around, you wouldn't be able to defend yourself. Alternatively, if a fight goes sour and more zombies turn up, you would be left with no stamina to escape via natural movement system. Those were situations that simply took away fun from gameplay. Right now, the stamina bar you see is for combat - if that runs out, you can still escape to relative safety using your natural movement skills. However, to preserve realism, your character will still get tired and slow down if running for prolonged periods of time. And that time can be extended by skills and training.
  4. Paweł Modliński

    New Gameplay Footage - 12-07-2014

    Well, the technical difficulties defeated us during the event, but no worries, we'll try to get you guys full gameplay that was supposed to be shown at PSX in the nearest future.
  5. Paweł Modliński

    Dying Light Mobile?

    Well, at this point creating an actual 'port' of Dying Light for mobile devices is not really feasible. Even Hellraid: The Escape was a mobile game only 'set' within the universe of Hellraid, but with wildly different core gameplay and scope than the 'big' Hellraid.
  6. Paweł Modliński

    Campaign Length?

    You will be able to play through the game multiple times, with stronger enemies and better loot. Even more so with Mission mode and Arena mode, which by definition are randomized to an extent and designed to provide hours and hours of playtime.
  7. Hello guys, We've been working hard to make Dying Light the best zombie game to date. And we did go the extra mile to make sure our zombies are super on-point. Meet Steve, the zombie expert at Techland.
  8. Paweł Modliński

    Where Is The Early Access?

    We're aware it's high time for news about EA, and would love to share with you, but for various reasons we cannot do so just yet. Please be patient just a little longer, we did not forget about it.
  9. Paweł Modliński

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    You do. Those are seamlessly integrated, so there is nothing stopping you from abandoning story for a while to jump into a mission or an arena and farm some more gear and experience, and then jumping back and progressing with the story.
  10. Paweł Modliński

    Prepurchase Via Game Stop

    It will be in the box.
  11. Paweł Modliński

    Hugeee Fan Since Day One, But I Have A Few Questions.

    Making noise to attract enemies toward your group certainly is still a thing Though you might not be loved for that, especially with Volatiles at night.
  12. Paweł Modliński

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Here I am again, As for loot/xp gains in Story Mode (and all the other modes as well) - we're working on a system that will allow players to join forces even if their characters are on different levels, however we'd like to talk specifics a bit later, once we have all the details ironed out. The loot, however, is entirely local, so you are always getting your fair share of loot, while your friends get theirs. Lord-Tyrant - right now, gender lock translates to all gameplay modes, since your character is universal, and can be played in all 3 modes. However, as we already said multiple times here, we are aware a lot of players want female characters as well, and we are looking into implementing that into our post-release update plan. You will still have customization options for your character, to look different than your friends in co-op.
  13. Paweł Modliński

    Visible Legs

    Hey guys, Yes, you can see yourself in Hellraid when you look down. It's a FPP game, but we still want the players to be able to see all their uber-equipment, which is why we decided to use that feature. And it adds to the immersion, which, as you said, is always a plus.
  14. Paweł Modliński

    Campaign Length?

    Hey there, SkeeSilentT With a hack'n'slash it's rather hard to talk specific numbers, since it depends on the way you play, and how invested you are into developing your character, finishing all the side areas and side-quests. However, Hellraid has 3 gameplay modes, and it is, in essence, a hack'n'slash game, so it has to be a large game, with a very strong focus on replayability. Hope that answers your question at least partially.
  15. Paweł Modliński

    Fist Fighting?

    There are quite a few skills that will allow you to use weaponless combat rather effectively. We'll be showing you more about it closer to the release, stay tuned!