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  1. This is a relatively minor thing that is quickly becoming incredibly frustrating. So far the most deadly enemy I've experienced in the Following isn't any of the updated enemies or new mechanics. It's the fact that many of the cliffsides, seemingly at random, will not allow you to grab onto edges or grapple them. Nothing says fun like falling to your doom after going to grab a rock's edge and the game simply saying 'no' because reasons. It really feels like they want to pigeon hole you into only climbing the cliffs specifically marked with the vines/ropes, which feels incredibly disjointed after the relatively open parkour of Old Town and the Slums. Seriously frustrating when I'm trying to explore.
  2. Zoralink


    ....I can't tell if you're being serious or not right now. Are you expecting to win every time against the night hunter...?
  3. Heh, I should not have checked this topic while mid game with a guy exploiting in Camden's lab (as usual) in Old Town. It's to the point where I'm scared of anyone I see on Old Town because I'm afraid of the people exploiting there. I did know it was going to be trouble, because it's a guy I've run across three times in the past who exploits there, so urgh... The temptation is extremely strong, but those few good games are so much fun. But so much sheer bullshit to wade through first.... Yeah, Fallout 4 is a good game. I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. EDIT: Seriously Techland, if something isn't done about this mode and the exploits, I don't even know what to say. It's just absurd. Seen so many 'ultimate survivors' who probably just got there due to doing this chupacabra. I get better matches from lower ranked people just because they aren't complete twats. Why, oh why, do I keep playing this? This is becoming increasingly common as I near Apex Predator. Are these seriously the "Ultimate Survivors" I have to look forward to? http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/404560514024554737/E0391562E459EFF4949120338ECF12244AD6C9E3/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/404560514024555207/6EF8FAED9A5984B530C608F938CC30B3D2DA64F7/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/404560514024577852/D51BFCF56AB017BF3C6432AF7E320A906B70696A/ At the end they were just instant killing my nests from their safe spot. Not sure how. Getting very close to learning to use Cheat Engine with the game solely so I can punish these idiots. EDIT2: Yeah, as addicted as I've been to the mode for the past 2 weeks or so, I think I need to just pretend it doesn't exist. It's just not worth it.
  4. Yep, right down to trying to blame you as a hacker. Pathetic. Starting to notice a trend, between the number of hidden profiles and people with VAC bans on record... Dying Light is where these people go to die. (Metaphorically. As a last resort. Because they can. It's an expression, okay?)
  5. That's exactly what happened. I quickjoin after and get thrown in with them again and they start killing the nests (2 are dead before I even land) and suddenly they start accusing me of trying to 'boost' them, likely pathetically trying to hide what they're doing. When I reach them they have infinite UV, god mode, and speed hacking on. Yep, clearly I'm trying to boost you guys. eye roll From the looks of it, it was caused by a time of day changer, since the sky started flickering like mad when it happened.
  6. Zoralink

    Btz Just Confirmed For New Expansion

    I could see it more being someone playing a souped up feral (Or just a normal volatile, the new volatiles would suit this perfectly appearance wise) to be the 'tank' for the night hunter. Has something like 300 health and most of its abilities could be focused on mobility and damage reduction. Could interact with someone of the night hunter's abilities too. Getting hit by a horde spit will give the feral/volatile 2 feral 'body guards' for the duration, getting hit by UV suppression makes them immune to UV light for the duration, toxic spit would instead heal the feral while inside of it, suppression spit would give the feral constant vision of the survivors without needing to scream. 1 ability could be a lunge that immobilizes a survivor for a few seconds (Not killing them) while doing damage over the duration. 2 ability could be a leap forward that does damage if contacting a survivor and goes on a long cooldown (20 seconds?) and if it doesn't hit a survivor only goes on something like an 8 second cooldown. 3 ability causes the feral to disarm the survivor and knock their weapon a short distance away after a brief animation. (Very, very short range) 4 ability reduces the damage taken by the feral by 50% for the duration and heals them slowly by 40% of their health. Movement speed is greatly reduced while active. (But can still use other abilities) They cannot claw but can use their right click. Left click is a simple claw and a right click does a tackle akin to the survivor's, but knocks them back. (Think the backhand that goons sometimes do) Mobility in general is akin to a maxed out survivor's, including the ability to dodge. Just a general idea off the top of my idea. Would obviously only be allowed in games with 3-4 survivors.
  7. The hunter one honestly sounds more like a hacker/modder to me, due to the fact that the hunter is primarily at the mercy of the hosting survivor due to them local hosting every time. I don't think I've ever seen someone on hard mode in an invasion, actually... Honestly I'd be happy if I could just see actual pings in the server browser, the useless 4 bar system does not help at all. The difference between a one bar connection to someone in California, or a 1 bar connection to someone in China is massive but it treats them the same. And there really shouldn't be a need to have to agree to 'acceptable' exploits and bugs, they should just be fixed. The fact that the shield bug was acknowledged in August but still hasn't been fixed is insane to me. EDIT: Also I finally hit mutation 3 and yet I'm still getting matched with maxed out survivors. ....Fun times. I can only pray there won't be a fourth mutation with the Following. EDIT2: So sad to join a game and hear people go "Yay, finally a good hunter!" Nope, sorry guys, when I'm level 6 but the matchmaker still pairs me with you there ain't chupacabra I can do. Thank god I'm on the final mutation now. I've also hit the point where a few people leave the match as soon as I join because I eat their faces too hard, also because I don't put up with them hiding in their exploit areas and actually wait them out. Not sure how to feel about this. EDIT3: And then in my final game of the night I stumble across a newer player who is being incredibly nice about everything and even admits that he loses all the time to night hunters but when I apologize for mauling him he just goes "It's okay :)" WHY DO THEY DO THIS WITH NEWER MUTATIONS WHY. Can't win either way. EDIT4: Aaaaaand I get thrown into a game twice where the survivors instantly killed all of my nests.
  8. Yeah, the last few days have really been trying my patience with the mode. Between getting god mode/infinite UV/speed hackers, survivors who hide in safe houses, and survivors who hide between throwables, it's really getting old. All of this on top of the shield bug, the animation canceling to effectively one shot the hunter, and god awful lag issues, and my opinion of the mode is quickly going downhill. The fact that many of these have been issues since launch doesn't help my opinion of it either. (To be fair, I joined much later) I'm actually typing this while waiting out a survivor who is hiding in an unreachable room, been in the game for about 15 minutes now. Why is this a thing Techland? At the least let us report people like this... Or perhaps if a survivor doesn't damage the night hunter or a zombie for something like 5 minutes (Even UV 'damage' could count), then it counts as a win for the night hunter, because they're clearly doing.... something. The more I play, the more I see why people say that the mode is for survivors to get more enjoyment out of the game at the night hunter's expense. (And sorry that this thread has become sort of 'blog'-ish, doesn't seem worth making a new thread for all of this.) EDIT: Another thing that would help make it a bit more fair in general would be making it so the med kits acted like they do in hard mode, where they heal over time rather than a huge chunk of health all at once. Pretty annoying to be clawing down a human as they're bandaging, have them at less than 10 health, then suddenly they're back up by a huge portion. EDIT2: I really, really wish I could region lock.. I can't express this enough. Getting matched against people in New Zealand, when I'm East Coast USA.... Just... why? Even mediocre players can destroy a great hunter if he has 350+ ping and is playing over a second in the past.
  9. Unfortunately the bug is still there, dealt with several people still using it last night. And yeah, some more nest spawns would be nice. As it is, there's only about 6 or so per map it seems like. If that.
  10. Yeah, I've seen several people say "As long as it's in the game, I'm using it!" even when they know it's a bug. Sad day. Also holy mother of god please stop matching me against Russians. It's literally unplayable, when you do a ground pound, then die from a melee they apparently did as they're flying through the air 10 feet away. EDIT: Been stumbling across a few hackers recently as well. Both had infinite UV/godmode, and one of them was using a speed hack. Seemed like he had infinite artillery flares as well on top of being able to one shot my nests. (The speed hacker) He tried to hide in one of the unreachable houses for the hunter for a good 30 minutes, kept trying to get me to quit by claiming he was going to sleep, then he was going to watch TV, then he supposedly muted me, then he resorted to calling in a friend to try to win. Thankfully UV suppression spit + pounces saved in both games, because the people were terrible. The speed hacker game took a solid 38 minutes or something because of him hiding for the first 30 minutes. Ah well. I wasn't giving him the satisfaction of leaving, and I amused myself by telling tales of the sad little Korean boy who nobody liked so he hacked in Dying Light.
  11. Must have just had bad luck or something then, because I was still getting matched with people with grappling hooks and such even right after my first mutation while still level 1. Honestly I'd be fine with having two weaker hunters being able to work together. As it stands, once you get to 3-4 people it just becomes a game of "Try to get that one desperate pick." (Unless they're.... not good, in which case it becomes a slaughterhouse) Hell, even having one person control a souped up feral while another is a hunter would be nice. EDIT: And now that my rank is getting even higher, the shield blocking spit exploit is really starting to get on my nerves. Nothing says "chupacabra you" like landing a perfectly sniped spit stick and then just watching it do.... nothing.
  12. That's what I'm referring to. The fact that I can end up back as a level 1 hunter with no abilities but still be ranked at Beast. (And subsequently still be matched against higher ranked people who don't lose their abilities and items.) Then again, I typically only see one or two games to even choose from to join anyway, so... shrug. EDIT: Yeah, the game becomes unplayable late night (East Coast), with the same 4-5 people luring in hunters and/or being the only games available, all of them with hundreds of hours available. Hell, I can already start a list of names. When I tell them to just end it, it's constant "chupacabra!" "loser Zoralink", etc, etc. Sorry guys, when the lowest of your has 350 hours while I have 30 hours, (And only about 6-7 of those in BtZ) it's just not fun.
  13. That seems a little broken still, when you consider that hunters have to mutate (And thus lose all of their skills) but not their rank. For example, I'm at "Beast" rank (Rank 5 I believe?) but was there when I mutated for the first time. I know that's a separate issue, but... yeah.
  14. No, they straight up admitted that they keep their story progress low just to lure in low rank hunters. And like I said, it's not the first time I've seen it. I don't really get why story progress is what's used to dictate a 'good' matchup.
  15. People who do this show up as low ranked. They were technically only done with 11% of the story. The issue is that they were maxed out, complete with full abilities and guns, because they intentionally do not progress the story to lure in lower rank hunters. Many times people will also bait by having a game with one or two people and then having multiple more join.