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    Dread got a reaction from DaniloC.Q in Techland: Will Something Be Done About All The Hacking Hunters?   
    There are quite a few of them. Will something be implemented with The Following to prevent the hacking? 
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    Dread got a reaction from DoctorPurrington in Impossible To Win As A Hunter?   
    My apologies, I did not read the whole thread.. It's late, I'm after work. But I do want to pitch my 2 cents. 

    You're right. It's nearly impossible to win vs experienced survivor(s). And at the moment, survivors have too much going for them, with amount of skills/items/weapons they have over a hunter. Not to mention the shield and spits. And, this is important: the shield only massively helps against spits. Survivor can ram and one hit the nests and kill it pretty damn quickly. So bringing up the shield+2hander just doesn't quite hold up.

    That being said, there are hunters out there that just pummel your chupacabra to dirt. I mean, I know what to do to each situation by now as a survivor. But sometimes, an Apex joins that absolutely slaughters me, and my friends if I have any. And I usually play with friends who are equally good. What most hunters do not understand for at least first mutation, is that you can't kill an experienced survivor by direct attacks. You gotta put pressure on, you gotta be smarted and more cunning. You almost need to know what survivor thinks. 

    TL:DR - hunter needs a buff to its repertuar of skills and talents, but I think it's really down to personal vs personal skill. 
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    Dread got a reaction from Marta Kowalczyk in Concept Arts For Dying Light: The Following   
    That waterfall, is a picture that is literally hanging (sometimes just placed on the ground) in-game! What's going on here? I'm gonna screenshot it to prove it