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  1. Dread

    Btz On Normal/hard/nightmare

    I'm thinking that too. Was hoping on clarification from devs since this isn't a spoiler category. I think.
  2. How do I benefit from doing invasions on Hard or Nightmare as a Survivor? Do rewards change?
  3. Dread

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    Take a look at this, @ 6:39:20, our friend One Shots a Nest with the crossbow. Me and Macaveli were introducing our friend to BTZ and he loves the crossbow, he decided to try it... http://www.twitch.tv/intricateconspiracy/v/44093504
  4. OP, you are not wrong in saying it takes time to get good as a Survivor. The flaw in BTZ is that skill caps for Hunter and Survivor are way off from each other. It's easier to get good as a Survivor, it's 10x harder to get good as a Hunter.
  5. My god... Can people just please give it time! I'm gonna stick at playing hunter until I excel, and all You ragers. Seriously. The game has been out for 24 hours! Technald has ONLY FIXED MAJOR BUGS 24 hours ago basically. Give it a month, I'm sure they will reduce uv range and change the survivor senses. Someone said in the thread that uv range needs to be reduced due to the fact that there are no obstacles, such as buildings, to break it. I think that is just a tiny oversight on techland's part and will be address quite soon. Second thing, survivor senses is just out right wrong. It shouldn't mark the exact real time location. That's simply over powered. OP I say. Real time location, without cool down... How is that fair? Survivor sense should be a small arrow, just around your own arrow on the minimap, that points where hunter was at the time when survivor senses were triggered. And have 3-5 sec cooldown. And what I truly think, that the hunter shouldn't be display on the minimap AT ALL!!! Me starring at the minimap instead of my surroundings completely takes away the immersion, and feeling scared for my life because this scary nightmare levels chupacabra Night Hunter is stalking me. Techland, I believe you know Hunter needs a buff. I'm gonna be Buddha patient. I love you work.
  6. Dread

    Has Anyone Played Btz As Nh Since New Updates?

    I have. Before I go on, I will state that I play both Survivor and Hunter. I fcking love this mode, there isn't one like it. Now, something has sunk in with me last night, that has put me at bay with regards raging that Hunter got no buffs (speed doesn't count, that had to be done). The Be The Zombie mode has only NOW got to a state that Techland has originally envisioned it as for the Dying Light Release. As it is now, Survivors cannot exploit all the things that truly made the mode unbalanced, and now we can truly judge whether Survivors are way more powerful or not (they're imo). Let's all give it a month. Adjust. Hit Legend, get all the new items and learn the new environment. Then we see if we need the pitchforks. Personally, I think Techland knows hunter needs a buff, but since we only now got to that place where Techland originally wanted us in Be The Zombie mode, they just wanna see how it is now. I bet they've already have plans for Dying Light 2 and BTZ V2. I'm very certain in that. Techland, I love you games. Please do not stop doing what you're doing. You are a far more positive company than others and we need that in this world.
  7. Dread

    Great Job Thus Far, Techland

    @Marta - will we be teased about BTZ before release or we gotta wait for February?
  8. Dread

    Ultimate Survivor After New Game Plus

    No, rank reset shouldn't happen. It's unintentional but there hasn't been a patch in awhile due to Following. I don't think we'll see this problem in the future.
  9. Dread

    Still Not Finding Gold Weapons!

    But that's RNG for you. I've done 60+ dockets and still no goldies. You just got lucky.
  10. Dread

    Still Not Finding Gold Weapons!

    The weapons you have mentioned only come from Invasions. Apparently, there are a golden version of most regular weapons which can be found in hard mode after completing the story. That's what I was told by someone who has actually found some, and he did share few of them with me so it must be true. I've completed a hard mode and was unlocking all vans on the Infamy bridge and never found any other golden, but I didn't finish the story line at the time, and quit the hard mode.. I've since gave up completely on it and just enjoying the game and waiting for The Following. Until there is more meaning to golden weapons other than the "yellow" icon and slightly bigger number, I just don't see the point in wasting the time.
  11. Dread

    Btz Just Confirmed For New Expansion

    How about, Hunter gets a co-op partner, this zombie baby that spawns around the nests? Been theorizing with such concept but it's still in very in infancy. Gonna wait for the following, then after post my concept. Also, techland is right tease about BTZ. We got almost no info on it.
  12. Dread

    Pounce Animation

    I believe the hunter wraps his tendrils around you, and pops you. http://imgur.com/a/IB6dl
  13. There are quite a few of them. Will something be implemented with The Following to prevent the hacking?
  14. Ey Techland, does this not deserve an answer or something?
  15. about 40 dockets in and no golds. I'm quitting on other golden weapons. I've realised I'm wasting too much time on it. And for what?
  16. Dread

    Dying Light Pvp Multiplay Mod

    Are you thinking of BTZ as PvP? Or are we, survivors, gonna go vs each other? Got sauce?
  17. Gonna run bozak to death today
  18. That was odd to me too, until I found that non-fantasy wooden smackhammer. So you got machete, katanas, even golden pipes from looting vans in invasions? I've tried testing that with a friend and we didn't notice any increase in better drop.
  19. I'm about 35% in to the hard mode, and very often I'm getting the same fantasy weapons.. Do golden machetes, pipes, katatanas etc, come from Old Town or something? Because I'm looting everything, and I ran the infamy bridge about 10 times now on hard mode. Same Gonus, Orders, Runes, Tribals... Never something new.
  20. Ooh, didn't know dockets could yield them but yes, I've started a hard mode and found a Smackhammer. I didn't have that one from Invasions.
  21. Dread

    Impossible To Win As A Hunter?

    My apologies, I did not read the whole thread.. It's late, I'm after work. But I do want to pitch my 2 cents. You're right. It's nearly impossible to win vs experienced survivor(s). And at the moment, survivors have too much going for them, with amount of skills/items/weapons they have over a hunter. Not to mention the shield and spits. And, this is important: the shield only massively helps against spits. Survivor can ram and one hit the nests and kill it pretty damn quickly. So bringing up the shield+2hander just doesn't quite hold up. That being said, there are hunters out there that just pummel your chupacabra to dirt. I mean, I know what to do to each situation by now as a survivor. But sometimes, an Apex joins that absolutely slaughters me, and my friends if I have any. And I usually play with friends who are equally good. What most hunters do not understand for at least first mutation, is that you can't kill an experienced survivor by direct attacks. You gotta put pressure on, you gotta be smarted and more cunning. You almost need to know what survivor thinks. TL:DR - hunter needs a buff to its repertuar of skills and talents, but I think it's really down to personal vs personal skill.
  22. Dread

    Need Help With Polyamory Trophy

    Head on to reddit's /r/dyinglight. There is a weekly post there for people looking for people. You have a better chance finding people there as it is more current.
  23. Dread

    Sniper Rifles

    The bow just needs a buff. On hard mode, zombies and humans, take 3-4+ arrows to the head before dying..
  24. Dread

    Holy Year Tunnel Silver/grey Chest

    Ok, I found that place, and it looks different now.. The bag isn't there. I was playing with a friend who is new to Dying Light. Must have been mission related..
  25. Dread

    Holy Year Tunnel Silver/grey Chest

    I've come across a yellow duffel bag that I could interact with, but it would tell me my inventory is full.. it of course wasn't Damn this game got so many mysterious! I can't love it more!