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  1. Sharkbait253

    Dying light 2 BTZ?

    Will we have BTZ mode in dying light 2
  2. Sharkbait253

    Bad blood

    Is this the alternative to be the zombie?
  3. I am stuck in bozak horde or the garrison doesn't let me do anything else I can play the following fine also it won't let me leave bozak and select a side quest takes me to the last mission if I load campaign mission from the menu it starts me off in the last level where you have to climb up to take the elevator only problem with that is it won't let me climb so my game is glitched or something I have uninstalled and I'm the middle of re downloading hopefully this works damn techland fix your chupacabra game
  4. Sharkbait253

    Pete/// And Hunters Please Read

    Apparently we have a new glitch that needs to be fixed and it is these smoke bombs not sure where to find them in the game but during invasions they work just like a flare except you cannot see the smoke and once you get in it it almost drains your Shield in seconds that's when the flares and uv light come in and it's a instant death
  5. Sharkbait253

    Ideas For Max Level Nh's

    I think that being able to swing in different directions while tendriling would be cool
  6. Now do it with medkits
  7. Sharkbait253

    New Update

    What all has been fixed?
  8. Sharkbait253

    Dying Light Update Details

    Pretty vague of you ask me
  9. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Smoke bombs act like flares
  10. The one flare is not really fair when the hunter gets his buffs from the rubberband bs the techland put into effect 1 flare and a flash light against 4 spits and fast recharging of other spits good job
  11. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I thought ground pounds canceled out drop kicks
  12. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    You can still dodge in air by using your grapple hook and canceling
  13. all you do is hold down the ground pound button after a ground pound for like 5 seconds
  14. Sharkbait253

    Please, Show Me What I'm Doing Wrong!

    ^^^^ the best night hunter? please tell me your on Xbox I'll take you on
  15. Sharkbait253

    Night Hunter Dlc

    We are able to get legendary level 1 on our hunter Does this mean a new dlc is in the works?
  16. Sharkbait253

    Night Hunter Dlc

    I just hit 60 and it's saying I can get more xp
  17. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    No response at all wow I thought this game was getting supported for another year
  18. Sharkbait253

    Medkit Spamming On Normal Difficulty

    Make normal mode be for players underdog and below
  19. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    ^^^^^ thanks I forgot that one
  20. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Ran into a guy that had crossbows in all 4 slots making a 4 round burst insta kill also dfa after throwing the chicken on a stick into the air grappling to it and then raining down Bombers need to be nerfed big time teleporting and spawning Right next to someone even using cloak and throwing firecrackers is kinda bs When hit with a uv spit and dodging a tackle leaves no time to throw a flare so it's a instant pounce Still seeing people spam spit smashes the whole game Pretty annoying that you don't see a hunter until they have all the spits charged and you get hit with horde and the uv kinda wish it was removed from the game since it's only a 50% chance to get out of it and people spam it so much Get rid of the grapple cool down its stupid if the hunter can use its tendrils all the time then why do we have a cool down Do something about drop kick spammers no way to dodge it if your getting drop kicked as soon as you get up The rubber band thing for people falling behind is bs The matchmaking putting you in a lobby with the same players is getting old you should be able to fight who you want Spawn timer after the hunter dies is stupid get rid of it sometimes your dead while a whole freaking nest is destroyed and then you spawn halfway across a map Get rid of the clip tackle through solid object chupacabra Stop giving everyone a participation medal switch the game back to the way that it was from the start and let people be cry babies and abort when they can't win
  21. Anyone know what this is?
  22. Sharkbait253

    Joker Outfit

    The Facebook page said people who killed 100 get the suit I killed 550 and don't have it..... what gives?
  23. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Looks like we're good until a new exploit is found
  24. Sharkbait253

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Must not have got the update yet