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  1. Hello everybody. This is EDIT of my old post. Sorry for bad english... What should ,,Real mode" contain? Hard mod - if you die, you lose your game. No respawn. Secure just one safezone - you can choose from 10 - 15 aviables Normal mod - if you die, you lost everything what you are carrying, but you will respawn in your safehouse and you can start scavenging again. Make this dlc in time before Kyle Crane came to Harran (antizin drops can be delivered by plane to the city.) Antizin - if zombie bite grab you and bite you (not hit you), you are infected and you have to find and inject antizin to your body or you will turn. If you dont take your antizin, you will have seizures - first just sometimes, then they will be numerous and long, and then you will turn. Just best players stay uninfected more than 30 days! Antizin drops will fall every 3 days, but you have to fight for them with zombies or other survivors. Make all melee weapones weak, max 150 hp - stop 1 hit kill. You will have to use firecrakers to draw infected away. ​Add hunger, thirst and energy ​Hunger - recovered by food Thirst - recovered by watter Energy - recovered by sleeping or resting Challenge survivor - antizin drops will fall after 7 days survived in quarantine, after 15 nights will come volatiles - nights are no longer safe Better storage system in safezone - no player stash ​-Shelves for nails, duct tape, chemicals and other craftables -Cupboards for food, table for bottles of watter -Melee weapones in wardrobes -Firearms hanged on walls or in weapon stands (weapones can be storaged and again taken back to players inventory by aim screen on them and press interaction key) -Max capacity of cupboards for food is - for example - 20 - so you have in safehouse 4 cupboards and every one can be filled with 5 cans of food. (4x5=20) -Reduce capacity of items which you can have in house - for example - 10 nails, duct tapes and other - and you cant have any more before you use them for something -Same with firearms - you can have 1 shotgun, 1 police rifle, 1 military rifle, 1 german 9mm and 1 american 9mm stored in safezone. Not more. But storing ammo is aviable -Reduce carry capacity of item which you can have in backpack: 4 weapons (melee, firearms) - you can have 3 firearms and 1 melee or 2 melee and 2 firearms, how you want 4 slots for throwables - every slot has max 20 pieces (throwing stars, knifes, flares) max ammout of craftables in backpack - 30 pieces, so you can have 2 alcohols, 10 gauze and 8 tin cans, or 10 nails and 10 duct tapes - you can have everything, but max amout of craftables objects must be 30 pieces! I think you know what i mean...