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    doomguy reacted to cr1m3 in Custom Hints   
    I found an interesting thing about hints.
    The common_text_all.bin file is containing
    all menu, objectives, descriptions...
    of the game.
    Also the loading prompt who says that custom maps does not represent the core
    game quality...
    So, you can mod it with the  Dying light bin unpack and repack exe.
    You need excel to edit text then repack.
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    doomguy reacted to Xx_FRoST_xX in The problem with launching all players   
    At the last update, "drop # 1 content" The players lost the client launch button for user games.
    We have to run the client from the folder with the original game.
    Please correct this problem, ordinary players will not be able to play custom games due to this problem.
    Yours faithfully your Frost.
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    doomguy got a reaction from I30R6 in Just some questions   
    1 - better ask gog or tweet the devs until they answer. they rarely show up here 
    2 - probably, because you can move a project folder in and out of the dev tool's workshop folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop) and still open it in the tools
    3 - i dont know
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    doomguy got a reaction from I30R6 in Just some questions   
    2 - idk either.
    3 - like i said dunno. i'm not into customizing and 3d models. i think you might not be able to export, maybe due to copyright? but idk. wait till someone else replies; you'll probably get a better answer.
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    doomguy reacted to Lord Calamari in Question For The Developers - Saving In Custom Maps   
    Hi, to the developers. Is there a chance we will be seeing a save feature in custom maps. For example, I would like to build a massive world full of places to explore, side quests, a long, main quest line but players would most likely not have enough time to get through this in one go and would have to start again if they quit the map. Is it possible to add a save feature so players could save their progress in larger maps and come back to them later?
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    doomguy got a reaction from enes07101 in i need help pls pls   
    1. restart your computer
    2. validate you game files
    3. restart your computer
    4. uninstall and reinstall game
    5. restart computer
    6. post screenshots in english
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    doomguy reacted to cr1m3 in Need help scripting a race   
    Hey, there ´s buggy scripts into your
    project data folder under:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data/presets
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data/scripts/vehicles
    You can modify them with a notepad.
    if your project folder does not contain those scripts, look here, under
    Dev Note for the developer tools buggy update
    Into this map, there ´s a sort of refuel feature, but not like into a race.

    in this other map, you have triggers to respawn buggys like in many 
    other maps .
    he used a dead pigeon model
    for the trigger but it works .
    Now i know all this stuff does not
    do exactly what you want to achieve
    but this could help.
    Also those maps have a buggy race that is more realistic than other
    buggy maps:
    (cute creative girl )

    Also maybe you could find some interesting details on buggys in
    custom maps:

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    doomguy reacted to PiZle_ in Event Trigger By Looking At A Spezific Point Or Direction   
    Hey Joluk,
    --The "SensorLookAt" is used to direct the player's line-of-sight. It's a zone where the player's attention will be focused on one item. It should be used to point-out items of interest or dramatic map elements. It's used to make Crane auto-look at air-drops, ya dig?
    It's implemented like soooooo....
    Place HubZone and scale to area where you want your player's focus to be controlled by the game. Swap HubZone class to "SensorLookAt"in attributes, and then choose the item of focus in "m_Target <ModelObject> from the object list (dead body, blood stain, weapon, whatever).Set s_EditorTest to "true" and toggle the sensor's natural state; (m_LE is disabled when controlled by logical on-map trigger. m_QE is unchecked when controlled by your quest script or both enabled when you want the zone to be active all the time.) Give the sensor a special name we can reference later.... for this we'll use "SLATrigger".
    To enable in quest script:
    ",goto _ SensorLookAt SLATrigger -distance=-1" ...adjust distance to suit your purpose. and use ,enable/,disable to set it's active window.
    I think what you're looking for is a sensor that monitors your character's vision and I'm not sure that's something that's processed by the engine. You could use the SensorLookAt and trigger an event off that, but it would still require the player to enter the sensor's zone of influence... which you could just scale to the size of your whole map... maybe??? If you make any discoveries on some sort of vision-triggered sensor, let us know!
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    doomguy got a reaction from cr1m3 in Some How To Examples   
    added a corridor wave thing example.
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    doomguy reacted to cr1m3 in Custom Hints   
    Try to locate those strings in the full game data with agent ransack.
    make a full copy of the game folder
    somewhere and extract all data0.1.2.pak
    with a zip archive extractor (merge all data
    then type some loading screen text you ´ve seen in agent ransack and you may found where it is located in the game folders.
    also look inside data speech folders.
    ( i mean the data pl, data de, data fr... localized language folders and paks)
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    doomguy reacted to cr1m3 in help with phases in between maps   
    I wish i could help you but i ´m missing 
    Call me on steam sometimes so that
    i don ´t forget and i ´ll try to help you
    when i have some time.
    we need to start the teleportation
    code and portals from scratch .
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    doomguy reacted to Disinfo in Game Settings? (Starting items, Skills, Blueprints)   
    I was just saying in another post that DL developer tools need a wiki! 
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    doomguy reacted to Rafał Polito in Zip Lines, Challenge Checkpoints, Animation   
    Take string_50.msh, string_100.msh or string_200.smh, Press CTRL + L, and click at place where you want to start the zipline, and next click on place where you want finish. After that chang class for this mesh from ModelObject to ZipLine.
    Challenges needs scripts, and this is more advanced feature. We will try prepare some tutorial about it.
    For simply animations you can use Movies from Window menu. We are preparing tutorial about this. Try to download for example Dying Space map from workshop to figure out how to make movies.
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    doomguy got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    hey no problem
    glad i could help!
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    doomguy got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    does this help?
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    doomguy got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    did you generate the previews in an empty map? try that. too much tampering with the weather settings and envprobes can affect the previews.
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    doomguy got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    that's not right
    you can download my previews folder!QOwXFYxB
    but it's not complete. some dlc objects i haven't made a preview of because i don't use dlc objects just yet
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    doomguy got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    sent you a pm
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    doomguy got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    did you read the entire post or just that phrase "some goodies"?
    there's an entire paragraph on generating previews below that line
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    doomguy reacted to Kaze in to techland staff   
    The latest update broke mods they no longer function. This is frustrating to no end and I want to know if this is going to be fixed or if it's just going to be left alone.
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    doomguy got a reaction from cr1m3 in Problems with developer tools!   
    maybe you don't have the original game? you need to game to have the tools.
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    doomguy got a reaction from cr1m3 in Some How To Examples   
    updated with a list of weapon damages, to be easier to choose which weapons to use, and when.
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    doomguy got a reaction from cr1m3 in forcing picked up weapon to be active weapon   
    hey y'all
    does anyone know how or if we can force a weapon that the player picked up to be the active weapon the player is holding?
    i'm having problems emulating this.
    i'm moving the player's inventory to the stash when picking up the weapon i want him to have, and that makes the weapon become the active weapon like so:
    ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI Shotgun -show=false ,inventory-to-depot _ ,give-weapon _ -weapon_id=Firearm_ShotgunAGen -count=1 this works well.
    i want the player to use the shotgun for a part of the map, and he can access his stash when that section of the map is complete. (i'd rather have the player keep his inventory and just automatically have the weapon he picked up be the active weapon, but i haven't been able to do so!)
    the problem with this technique is that the stash's content returns to the stash when the player dies, after he's accessed the stash and retrieved all his items, even after the stash has been disabled.
    any ideas or help on the subject?
    any ideas on how to block the game from moving the player's inventory to the stash again? or automatically be holding the weapon the player picks up? 
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    doomguy got a reaction from cr1m3 in forcing picked up weapon to be active weapon   
    well, i figured out how to stop the player's inventory from moving into the stash again, at death,
    still would rather not use the stash to force a player to activate the weapon he picked up but still
    here's a working example:
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    doomguy got a reaction from JoranDost in Dying Light Map - Risen   
    planning is the easy part. in fact, its the worst part, because after over-planning (because planning is easy and can get way out of hand) comes the actual building of the map.
    just a word of advice, be aware of the amount of work your planning gets you into! 
    i know i have spend many hours building what i planned and had hoped i started a much simpler map!