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  1. doomguy

    disable collision

    Too bad about the model. Glad you figured it out though. Cheers
  2. doomguy

    disable collision

    no idea about the floater maybe the model is too complex? or was very scaled? i dont know. it could be that the model is too complex for the tools to correctly float just guessing though. if you share the fbx i can try here on my computer. could be your project is glitchy.
  3. doomguy

    disable collision

    george this eds is in the tools folder. you need to copy the selection (eds) file into your project only then you can open it. inside my project (FC5) i have a folder called "selections/dcust". i put the copied eds file in there, then in the tools i go to "selections, dcust" and i find the copied selection file (eds) put it on the map, right click in the objects window, and you should be able to open it.
  4. doomguy

    disable collision

    dont belive so - enter the selection and disable collision for items inside
  5. doomguy

    The ship is sinking! But no! Doesn't sink.

    is it a floating object? and just as a modelobject?
  6. doomguy

    Import Model - Not showing up

    Did u set the textures in the material window
  7. doomguy

    Brushes - Painting Grass

    Something here might help
  8. doomguy

    opening custom door models

    a zonebox is found in data folder why not try another thing, and that is changing the mesh of an already existing door? i dont know if it's possible, but you can try modding dying light. so if you unpack the files from the game you get access to the game files, and in there, there is a file called presets/doordi.pre move that file into your data folder project (into the folder presets) that file has the visual meshes for each door. Preset("Indoor_MetalGlass_LabDoorA_Stadium") { SetField("MeshName", "lab_door_a.msh"); so, import a custom door model into dying light (my_door.fbx -> import into default folder).it creates a .msh called my_door.msh. now write my_door.msh where it says lab_door_a.msh and reload the tools then select the doorDi object on the map, select that preset with your custom door, and set the materials for your custom door. (like for the reflection example)
  9. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    I don't know of any issues with doors and animation. See if the "no animation" flag in attributes is checked. Or maybe make a movie and animate the door. Idk in what situation you are using the door.
  10. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    i figured out how to remove the reflection @George_Ars all you need is create a material file for the material of the reflection. go to a model that has the reflection, look at material list. create a .dmt material file with the same name as the material in the list, leave the texture blank, and place the file in import_default
  11. doomguy


    this happens some times. try deleting the portals and adding them again. open other people's maps and see the properties each portal has.
  12. doomguy

    Cutscene help

    An example of an in-game movie is when you animate something moving across the room for example if you wanna make a horror map. There's some info on movies here Regarding the second Q, idk. You could join Dino's discord and ask around. I'm sure C.R.E.X. can give you an answer.
  13. doomguy

    Concerns about Dying Light 2

    wow, that was random Chaos_Deception. and pretty much the same description for Dying Light 1
  14. doomguy

    empty selection

    empty selections arise when you delete all elements inside a group (or "selection"). this usually happens if you make a group of custom models, and remove the custom models from the project folder (the files it creates when importing an fbx). how it could happen otherwise, (without manualy removing any files) idk
  15. doomguy

    Mirror surface

    i don't think you can edit the animations. using this we can somewhat mess with existing animations a bit, but i think for a new animation, we'd need to import our custom animation, which i don't think can be easily done. good luck.
  16. doomguy

    Mirror surface

    thanks techland released the tools without any plans for the future. some companies release stuff forseeing the future, like letting the game be modded, giving the tools, to alow more people interacting with the game, making more money. but techland just released the tools into the wild without much thought. they made a few videos to get people started but that's it. no manual - which would be the most helpful, i think. oh well, let's see what happens with DL2 maybe DL isnt the type of game that would garner a lot of moders and map makers if 100% modding was allowed and there was a full-made manual? but tehcland doesn't usually allow access to their models, making the game very modable, so idk. we make due with what we have.
  17. doomguy

    Mirror surface

    very likely is that you will run into a block very quickly. i have successfully changed the texture of a road from the game, and done transparent textures a mirror i highly doubt you can create. dying light itself doesnt have mirrors.
  18. doomguy

    Need help with this god forsaken quest scripting

    more specificaly these pages: if you've seen the wiki, try following the wiki again on a new map. if it works you can check against your current project for where you went wrong.
  19. doomguy

    Mirror surface

    There's a reflective decal I think in decal_plane_a.msh used for puddles. Search reflective and puddle in assets and wiki
  20. doomguy

    the save folder is just huge

    depends on the error. red errors need to be fixed.
  21. doomguy

    the save folder is just huge

    From what I've heard the size of your project in steam is not the same from your computer. So you may upload 1 gig but in steam it's a 200mb download. Someone told me this by looking at the size of a map i did in the steam workshop.
  22. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    i don't know if that is possible.
  23. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    Ok. Did u unblock the terrain first? Try selecting each block under grid?
  24. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    Click the items window in the tools (the one that shows all the items u placed on the map) and select the top item (level, or map or something). Thengo to the attributes window. Backup ur maps b4 playing around with settings. U found it?