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  1. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    definitly not for open spaces. but did you try playing the map from the workshop (steam, play dying light custom map)?
  2. absolutely. dont waste your time testing stuff.
  3. but did they reply? what did they say? i doubt me sending a ticket would help as well. i've sent 2 regarding two issues, the first ignored, the second replied cause it was the one that broke custom maps for a few people.
  4. the issue tracker was just a list of bugs - couldn't help in any way as can't i - i dont know how to fix those animations - most likely would have to be done by techland. you can try and send a support ticket about the issue - see if they have time to fix it
  5. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    And, test the map through the workshop. Upload it and play it through custom maps. Maybe that was it.
  6. it looks like a glitch to me. here's a list of videos for each animation, to be easier to pick
  7. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    hm seems like the visibilisty isn't affecting the grass, or it's some other grass we need to chnage it's vis params. i must have reset the vis of the map i recorded the video on, casue i can't find these changes. still, i changed both foliage_grass_a.msh and grass_a.msh and i couldn't get the vis to increase. either it's yet another object we need to change vis on, or it's not working anymore. i dont think we need to create a new brush or remove the old grass, but feel free to try.
  8. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    I can't check the tools now but change the grass_a.msh value (for the floor grass) and see if there's a mesh called brush, and see if that is what you need to change.
  9. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance for mesh visibility ranges and for grass visibility range, maybe this (see the yt video description for info on decreasing the lag)
  10. doomguy

    Transparent or animated textures - how to?

    hack or solution; got transparency so here's the how to if anyone will be insterested:
  11. doomguy

    How to make a sensor trigger a cutscene?

    change a model object floor to collision receiver class.... add a new collision reaction... set the collision (when the player runs ontop of the floor he collides with the floor) to play a movie... and select the movie (movie type: "cut scene") you wanna play... try enabling "turn off collision after last call" so the movie plays once
  12. doomguy

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    i dont know if you have to download and all that stuff, try without doing that stuff! the patch should be applied automaticlly anyway, so might as well try right away, right?
  13. doomguy

    NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

    so, the issue has be fixed for me. aispawners no longer crashes the player. so glad they listened and fixed the issue and not just let their fans hanging
  14. doomguy

    Missing Old Town Assets

    Once u subscribe to a map, then open the dev tools, the tools first window allows u to install and open maps u subscribed. U can then group assets u want and import them to your map, after you've asked permission to use the assets from the map maker. It's not cool just to take stuff as your own. See my wiki on groups here Wiki is full of error but works fine. I'm using a free host so the errors is the host disabling php functions that I can use with only a free account and I don't wanna be paying for paid host for a wiki few people use. Anyway I have a small blog with 5 or 6 buildings u can I guess it would have been nice to have some pre made buildings but the devs just released the tools as a last resort to get people to make maps. They didn't put a lot of effort into making it easy to use. Also. What type of buildings would they premake? The cool thing about pieces is that you can make your own buildings and that's what's fun about it. Anyhoo good luck and good night
  15. doomguy

    Missing Old Town Assets

    Those historical r the only complete buildings. Some buildings exists as a lod (Google lod graphics). U mainly have to build stuff from scratch. Edit: the trick is to learn the names of the few meshrs that make up most of buildings. This u learn easy by playing around a bit. See the mesh name begining. Intr is interior, etc. Search the meshes folder for wall to get all walls and learn from there.