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  1. doomguy

    [Linux] Developer Tools

    not likely soichiro
  2. doomguy

    About quest

    @MattDL look at the condition phases, and check the wiki (search condition) and see if you can figure it out
  3. doomguy

    Custom Maps No Textures Issue

    pics aren't visible, but if you're playing custom maps made by others, and not a custom map you are building yourself (and having these issues in the developer tools itself), then this is not the forum for troubleshooting. you need base-game technical help. this forum if to ask for help with working with the tools, not why your game is broken when running custm maps (and that's what it sounds like.) look for other areas in the forum.
  4. doomguy


    not. and not likely they translate editor.
  5. i red that also, about bad blood. honestly, i don't know why they do another multiplayer, if BTZ has nothing but people complaining about cheating and OP sides. not only that, but this is a not company i like to see; one that develops games, then slowly ignores a strong community and moves onto other games. we could have techland in the forum, in the developer tools (fixing stuff, adding features for a game people still play and develop custom maps for) and techland making new games. it looks like they only care about trying to make more successful games. i hope they don't shot themselves in the foot. yes, dying light can take them so far in terms of money, but its still kinda disappointing that there's not one techland staff left behind (in forums and dev tools).
  6. i dont think its on purpose its just typical techland mess-ups and time to fix them unfortunately this is what techland chooses to be: comunity management is practically null, and technical support for their most famous game is also null!
  7. same thing happens here, it's some css rules techland messed up in the coding of the forum when making some changes or something. it'll probably be fixed edit: change the text color from automatic to black when posting will solve the problem
  8. doomguy

    MapPortal Issue

    open my map, harran archeological site, it has working portals. if they stop working, delete them and replace them dont quit
  9. doomguy

    Mas tractores?

    tractores? es dying light, no es farming simulator
  10. doomguy

    Dying Light 2 Story & Gameplay

    TL;DR wrong forums. this is for developers making custom maps
  11. it's normal behavior for me and other people. i think it's the way they published the tools for us non-techland office based newbs. it seems each time you add something the tools have to re-read stuff. idk. it happens to us all, i think. just know in advance that will happen and think about what you're doing before, and have some patience
  12. doomguy

    Developer tool not work.

    maybe try and not refresh file system if you need to do that in the process of making the movie. instead close and open the tools, because i think the refresh file system is not working properly...cheers.
  13. doomguy

    Some How To Examples

    added Fake Phase Counter - Take-multi is the only phase with a counter that can be displayed in the hud. Example quest would be: "Pick up 3 dynamites" "0/3". With each "take" the counter updates. With this fake phase count, you can use whatever action you'd like, and still use the counter. For instance, you want q quest to "use 3 triggers" instead of "picking up 3 dynamites", and have the counter be displayed on the hud. Seeing that only the ,take phase allows you to display the counter, this example shows how to fake the counter for other actions aside from ,take.
  14. doomguy

    Sounds missing while play testing

    this might not the answer, but test at mid-day. i've had sounds dissapearing around the time it transitions from day to night, around 8 or 9 pm.
  15. ergh..which updates should we uninstal?! or software? man, the amount of dont-give-a-shitness from techland is a real turn off!