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  1. I've been playing this game since January 2015 and it always had a lot of bugs despite the several hot fixes that were released, yes you recently expanded the game with the new DLC, The Following, but are you planning to fix the vast majority of the bugs this game has? I play this game in PC and i regularly play invasion and this are some of the bugs that annoy me the most: 1.- Game crashes quite often to point i have got my save file corrupted. 2.- Game freezes constantly when playing in cooperative and invasion, in single player those screen freezes don't occur. 3.- If i get killed or pounced at least 1 time during invasion i have noticed many times my buggy gets all of it's parts reset with level 1 parts and the accessories i had like the "UV Safe zone" or the "Electric Cage" get removed too and i have to put them again, VERY ANNOYING! 4.- I can have the buggy with the gas tank full, i get invaded and even if i never used the buggy at all once the invasion ends, my buggy has magically somehow the tank empty. (Maybe a ghost took my buggy for a ride while i was busy fighting the hunter and destroying the nests until he emptied my gas tank, which is dumb because according to the game tips the fuel tank never gets empty during invasion). 5.- If an horde spit explodes on me or on a teammate even if i get at the very top of a tower somehow a hazmat gets magically spawned on me and i die, also i have got the same issue while buying some consumables on a safe zone or getting some stuff from my stash a hazmat magically spawns in that safe zone and i die. 6.- Also when playing as hunter i have also noticed there are some spots where the horde won't even appear, so being that said i think Techland should check their code for possible errors on the programming of the horde. 7.- This game has now some horrible fps rate drops, i can have the game running at some smooth 95-98 fps and when playing in cooperative i can see sometimes that rate dropping to 15 or 20 fps and then after a minute it goes back to 95-98 fps, now must of the people i've played with in this last week have told they are getting too those fps rate drops and random screen freezes (the game freezes sometimes for 5 seconds and other times about 10 seconds which is enough time to get killed or pounced). 8.- Another thing that has annoyed me is the way this game spawns players, i can join another game with invasion and either i got spawned really far (2 Km away) or either i got spawned too close to the point that sometimes i don't even get second to turn around and interrupt the pounce or not a chance to pull a flare. 9.- The game physics really need some fixes too, specially with the buggy which i have noticed several errors like: a.- Sometimes after recalling the buggy from a Safe zone i see the buggy glitched and it starts jumping up and down until it finally flips around. b.- Also once i had this issue where after jumping from a ramp with the buggy it glitched and i started floating in the air with the buggy and when i looked around i was already out of the map, i had to quit and load the game again. c.- Also the other day after testing the Car Alarm the zombies started hitting the buggy and suddenly the front wheels of the buggy started sinking on the ground and i had to use the option to respawn it,because trying to drive it forward or backwards was useless the buggy was stuck and maybe this one is not a big deal, but it show there is something weird going on with the game physics. 10.- Volatiles get spawned too in safe zones. 11.- Hunters can magically tackle through walls. And i'm almost sure there are several bugs more, so the question is, are you planning to fix all of this? Because it's really annoying and i don't want to be offensive, but do you even bother testing your game and your hot fixes or updates before releasing them? I have the feeling you don't, you just finish programming those updates and you immediately release them, it's like you had no Testers, like if you wanted to save that money and let your customers be the unlucky Beta Testers. And i hope you understand your game has some serious performance issues and several annoying bugs and if you don't believe me please check the discussion section for your game in Steam and check how many people are complaining about the several errors/bugs your game has: So are you planning to fix this game? or you will simply turn around and do nothing? This is one of the most bugged games of 2015-2016. Update: I captured some screenshots where i demonstrate that Hazmats do actually spawn in Safe Zones, here is the proof: And i also found some other users who have this issues too, something is really wrong with the programming of the Hazmats: And just like i commented a while ago, there is something really wrong with the physics of the game, the buggy can also sink on the ground, here is the proof: So Techland, do i need more screenshots to demonstrate your game has a lot of annoying bugs that impact the gameplay? And i believe you should pin this thread and start addressing this issues, let me remind you that this bugs are REAL, they exist and this bugs are not a myth, you have to patch them as soon as possible.
  2. Player_098765

    We Are Supposed To Fear The Hunter? Not Run After Him

    I will have to disagree on this one, experience is vital to fully learn how to take advantage of everything the game has to offer, it would be so unfair that a player with just 5 minutes of game play could beat another player with a 1000 hours of game play. Everything on this life is about experience/skills/abilities, take this for example: A worker with 30 years of experience will have more experience than a new worker that just came out of college. Same thing happens on every game, the solution to this will be that the game could only offer matches with players who have a similar level of experience and not matches with players who have way more experience than yourself. ---- Good hunters can avoid drop attacks/rain death from above most of the times and in case you haven't noticed it can be blocked sometimes if you have full your energy bar and try pounce at the same time the human that is falling down to do the drop attack, if successful the drop attack will be interrupted by the pounce animation whether it is blocked with the flashlight or not. I have enough experience on both sides just to tell you that not in all matches with more than 1 player you will necessarily have someone covering your back, like you well said: Players like that don't always cover your back as they are busy doing "stupid things", now when you play as human and players of this type join your match its pretty frustrating because more than helping you they help the hunter, only when you play with good human players that know the definition of "teamwork" is when you truly get someone covering your back most of the times after a spit smash or any other type of situations. ---- You are right on this one too, prior versions of the game the human did actually used to be truly OP (overpowered), like humans could throw as many flares as they wanted without a cool down, now the game is more balanced than it was before, but Techland still needs to work on some other details to finally balance the game properly. Now it will be great if the developers of Dying Light could at least read the threads once a week to spot those errors that are affecting many users and the game play itself, it would be great if Techland could listen to their customers, i see many threads that have been created here in this forum and i see the minority of those threads with an answer from a Techland representative/moderator/community manager. Is it that Techland doesn't care about it's customers? Is it that they have a different agenda?
  3. Player_098765

    We Are Supposed To Fear The Hunter? Not Run After Him

    I have been reading many threads here of people complaining how unbalanced the game is and most of the perspectives come from players who play as hunters. I got over 1000 hours in the game both as human and hunter, i don't agree that humans are overpowered all time, the main problem here is that when you start as hunter, gaining the skills from scratch is hard as hell specially when playing with experienced human players and in the beginning you will loose several matches, but once the hunter has reached it's full potential, all skills are unlocked and you become pretty good at it you will win most matches against humans. So that being said, not much players are persistent or patient enough to fully level the hunter and instead they begin complaining about how unbalanced it is. I had tried doing 1vs1 against some of the hardest hunters out there and several times i had been defeated, mostly because those highly experienced hunters have tactics that require a teammate covering your back, so that's where the full potential of the hunter resides, hunter is meant to do offensive, human is meant to do defensive. There are some pretty good hunters out there that can take out a team of some of the most experienced human players, if its so unbalanced how can this hunters beat all of those experienced human players? I agree leveling up the hunter and gaining experience its very hard from the begging, more than it is for the human, but at the end those professional hunters demonstrate that the hunter can easily keep up with the humans and defeat them. Cases of a truly unbalanced game play is a low level hunter against high level humans or a high level hunter against a low level humans, so before you complain try to fully level your hunter and make sure you also got enough experience as human so you can have enough perspectives from both sides. Something pretty annoying i can tell you when i play as human are those hunters abusing the ground pound with spits as they combine it with the uv shield and its an instant death for human, the way bombers/hazmats get spawned on safe zones, water and high buildings or they spawn right on you and the recent tweaks Techland did, make myself getting a flare cool down after i throw a second flare, pretty annoying. Here i will describe a case i had come across while fighting experienced hunters: Hunter tries to tackle me i evade tackle, immediately he uses ground pound with uv spits, I get my uv disabled i throw a flare and the hunter quickly ground pounds on my flare, next he uses somehow uv heal to quickly recover from the missed ground pound, i throw a second flare to prevent the hunter from pouncing me, but he uses uv block and ground pounds on my second flare and i just simply cannot throw a third flare because of this great cool downs and hunter can now easily pounce me after that. So hunters aren't all that under powered as many claim. Also i have seen humans who love to change their role as humans and become hunters by hunting down the hunter, but trust me those humans can only do that with low level or inexperienced hunters, high level hunters with experience can easily pounce/kill those humans trying to chase them. I disagree that the UV Flashlight is overpowered, UV its the only defense human has against hunters and you cannot always expect to win, sometimes you loose others you win, there players with less experience than you just like there are players with more experience.
  4. Player_098765

    Unblockable Gp With Spits And Teleporting/flying Bombers

    Thank you for replying, now quoting specially the part where you say the "Spit Smash" or Ground Pound with spits are a special occasion attack i will have to agree to disagree, many hunters i have fought with have the tendency to wait 1 or 2 minutes until they have 2 spits ready to do the "Spit Smash" and then they approach to use it and many hunters have a lot of practice with it and its kind of tricky to avoid it, and as they combine the "UV Shield" ability with it there is not even 1 second to pull a flare because i have been already pounced. I usually play 1vs1 because most humans don't know how to play and they split up and rush to destroy the nests like lone-wolves and don't even help each other, they get pounced constantly resulting into an immediate defeat. So i usually win 1vs1 matches, but once im already playing with really experienced hunters, usually Apex Predators, i can come really close to get defeated or i absolutely get defeated, specially that "Spit Smash" comes really handy to them, using it every 2 minutes more-less. Now this sort of things give me the bad feeling that playing 1vs1 with real Pro Hunters is not a good idea, that its far better to have a team of good human players covering each other. Other thing i have found pretty annoying as well, are this hunters cheating using infinite spits and they can go using the "Spit Smash" every time they want, they can do one "Spit Smash" after another until they win, not even a chance to destroy 1 nest.
  5. I regularly play be the zombie matches, i win most of the times although there are 2 things which get me killed: 1.- Ground pounds with spits. 2.- Bombers which have the tendency to fly or teleport even on safezones or on high buildings. I had tried using shield just right before the hunter ground pounds with spits in front of me and my uv still gets disabled, i even did some tests with a friend who is hunter and i asked him to ground pound with UV spits while i used shield and its useless. Only use i found for the shield is to block single spits that are thrown nearby or get attached on me, but shield seems to be useless against ground pounds with spits. The second thing about the bombers is hugely annoying, in older versions of dying light going to a high building or a safezone used to be helpful to run away from bombers, since version 1.6 bombers can now get spawned even on safezones or high buildings, i have even seen bombers flying rapidly from one building to another just to kill you. Other times while your teammates are being chased by the horde and they are several meters away from you, 450 or 500 meter for example and your running up and its all clear, magically a bomber gets spawned/teleported on you and you are already dead, so damn annoying. So i was wondering, is there a way to block the spits when the hunter ground pounds with them? Any tips to avoid those teleporting/flying bombers? Thanks in advance.