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  1. strike1

    Impossible To Win As Human...?

    Not gas tankers or bombers, I was talking about the zombies near the nest who turn into virals and start chasing you.
  2. strike1

    Impossible To Win As Human...?

    As long as hunter are low ranked, human's chances are solid for win. But when hunters going high ranks it becoming tougher for human to win. Not impossible but its tough. Specially the horde of virals, they are very annoying things in invasion. Mostly killed by them rather hunter.
  3. strike1

    Where's The Gold Weapons?

    I searched locks, played all difficulty modes still no luck. They should increase the drop rate of gold weapons in next patch otherwise it is not fun anymore.
  4. strike1

    Origami 101 Blueprint Location?

    When you can finish the game with basic weapons, then why wasting time for searching special weapons ?
  5. strike1

    The Fun Ends Where The Good Players Arrives

    From Prey to Ultimate Survivor Human still have same ability. Nothing extra for them. As NH you will get varieties of abilities. But not as human. I was not talking about Survivor rank in main game.
  6. strike1

    Survivor Rank Reset From U.s. To Prey. Wtf?!

    After winning matches agaist nighthunter I still stuck at Prey rank. There is no details how to get higher ranks.