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  1. strike1

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    3 minimum hit or one dropkick with 2 hit or 3 dropkicks multiple choices but requires #3 hit. Its 100% True.
  2. strike1

    Bozak Horde Chalange Pc

    When you get 250 lvl. You will upgrade ur weapon damages very much. Though TL reduced the damage of fire weapons to 8925. But there is a way out. You need to buy a Golden double barrel or Hunting gun with some high damage before u started to get legend lvl. You might get 14000+ damages from that weapon after upgrading. I did same.
  3. The game was good at first time it released. No special items nothing offers this and that. But now the game is painful and boring including stupid gold weapons, dumb be the zombies and many more.
  4. strike1

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    UV spit should turn off UV lights not flares. Awkward that spit turning off both light and flares.
  5. strike1

    Your Keyboard/mouse Settings For Nh

    Doesn't matter what settings are. The game is racist..Always preferred american or european players.
  6. strike1

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    3 hits or 3 shots for taking down a hunter.
  7. strike1

    Idea Of An New Dlc

    Bring a Mini Gun addition to firearms. It will be fun to slaughter zombies.
  8. All spits not much effecting. Useless
  9. strike1

    Goon Guarding Nests

    A shotgun is best for Goons. Though it takes more shots than normal goons. Or a Double barrel rifle.
  10. strike1

    Goon Guarding Nests

    Now they added a goon to guarding the nest. WTF. Rest are easy to kill but that goon is taking too much time. Such useless addition.
  11. strike1

    Thank You Techland

    Aah no more ps4 duplication...Pretty upset.
  12. strike1

    Goon Guarding Nests

    But you have to play The following first for the crossbow. I went that chapter after completing main game.
  13. strike1

    Night Walkers Do Not Appear In The Following?

    They added a special bonus volatile. You can't fool them with Camouflage. They will recognize you instant. And they are pretty fast and stronger than old volatile.
  14. strike1

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Well. There is still way to get higher damage in shot gun and rifle. Not same as before but better than new damage points. I bought a semi automatic engrave shotgun before starting the legend level. And after getting all skill points on firearms tab (25/25) it gave me 13000+ damage . Its a violet color and when I try buy another same gun in golden color it has 8925 damage. Same applied on Advance Military Rifle which is blue one.
  15. strike1

    What Is Your Preferred Weapon?

    One handed weapons with angel sword or all in one blueprints added. For NH grapple hook, zaid's flair , uvlight, diy freeging grenades.
  16. strike1

    Dying Light Enchanced Edition Worth It?

    Hard mode is harder than Nightmare mode. Yes you will not have unlimited stamina even your level is 24. But according to game its easy. You can buy ammo in shops which is not in hard mode. Your flashlight won't fade or dimmed it will light as normal mode.
  17. strike1

    Dying Light Enchanced Edition Worth It?

    Its interesting at starting the story and then its going boring. 2 Possible Endings. What an ending.
  18. strike1

    How To Get Regular Gold Weapons?

    Well finally I got a gold weapon in BTZ mode. And that even in prey rank in Nightmare mode.
  19. strike1

    Human Pvp Rank

    Is there any details about human ranks in BTZ ? A details information about human ranking would be helpful for everyone.
  20. strike1

    Impossible To Win As Human...?

    And they say zombie horde can't climb tall buildings. I was on the top of two floored building when I was spitted by NH. The zombie horde climbed that building ( yes those two floor) and killed me..
  21. I think they removed all blunt weapons from the game except a few. The game is now full of blade weapons from machete to katana. Only chance to get blunt weapons from dockets, demolisher or night invasion. That is too very rare.
  22. strike1

    Impossible To Win As Human...?

    Missing Ferocious sledgehammer very much . It will be fun Ground Pound VS Ground Slam.
  23. Where are Ferocious Sledgehammer and Emperor blow ? They are nowhere in game even after lvl 25 survivor. Neither store nor chests having those two. Both were there before the patch but now no place to find them.
  24. strike1

    Where's The Gold Weapons?

    Only after Underdog rank. Not before.
  25. strike1

    Sniper Rifles

    A sniper rifle would be better than bozak bow. With scope and suppressor.