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  1. What's the difference. Made for consoles. Not for PC.
  2. strike1

    We need a short height jet pack for the following

    How about an wingsuit like just cause 3 with boost speed
  3. strike1

    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Worthless dlc in all the way.
  4. strike1

    Dying light 2

    Bring the duplication glitch to dying light 2.
  5. strike1

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Just bring back the Dying light pc Duplication glitch. It was the easier.
  6. strike1

    Content 0 disappointment

  7. strike1

    New enemies

    Why New enemies are are so hard to find ? I thought they would show up as normal way with some hard and tough to fight. The DLC is about them .
  8. strike1

    Egyptian Khopesh

    Where is Egyptian Kh 300 × 225 - opesh at shops after Survivor level 25? There are some available at lvl 18 to 22. But none after lvl 25. Not any shop not even loots, nowhere. They are pretty handy weapons. I like them most.
  9. strike1

    New Ideas For Dying Light.

    I would like strong weapons at beginning of the game. I mean, to fight a goon with gas pipe; come on. thats insane.
  10. strike1

    Dying Light 2?

    Where did you get the news ?
  11. strike1

    My Frustrations

    PC and Xbox both are Microsoft products. You can try PS4. Though I stopped playing on PS4 after removing the kurczak glitch. Just Kidding.....
  12. strike1

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Why I am dying by zombie horde on rooftop ? I thought they said bomber horde can't climb rooftop. But I got got spitted and killed by bomber. Is this a joke or bug ?
  13. strike1

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    Whatever chupacabra. You are such an chupacabra.. who sucks stupid ideas and praise it .
  14. strike1

    New Ideas For Dying Light.

    How to hack the server ? :lol: :lol: