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  1. SerKnight

    Hellraiders! A Demon To Name Awaits You!

    Something like Maligner or Vilifier is what popped into my mind when seeing the image. It just seems like all it says (or screeches) would be pure evil. Alternatively, a less imaginative, yet fitting name would be Corvus, which is the genus of birds that ravens belong to.
  2. SerKnight

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    Going straight for the slice and smite with two handed swords and paladin spells (if they still exist in the freeform skill tree)
  3. Looking nice. If I had to choose something to critique, it would have to be the lightning bolt spell. I realize that it is probably far from a finished state, but it lacked any sort of oomph. Plus, it was yellow and not white-ish blue, which is blasphemy. But that's just my personal preference, of course.
  4. SerKnight

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I think dismemberment is a given, but to what extent does it effect the enemies? For example, say that you cut an arm off of a big enemy that wields a large two handed weapon. Will that enemy then begin to swing the weapon in slow, wide arcs with its remaining arm or simply die?