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    Lazy Pounces, Zero Skill Weekend Video

    man you say it all
  2. charloxo

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    you said it all, night hunter, sure against low level players
  3. charloxo

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    lawl at 29 minutes, he simply os you, you probaly noticed it
  4. that's it, i give my opinion about the btz mod witch is a great innovation and a great add to the dying light game,honnestly. but there's some problemes with it, especially when you face good players(as the night hunter*nh) so i thought about an up for the nh where i think everyone can agree here's the problem, and down there's the figures the nh is basically too weak, a survivor can beat him by simply swing his weapon 3 time plus the drop kick, the death from above etc.., the nh have too hit a survivor more than 3 time and everyone knows that you can't win a 4v1 against good players here's the figures/ideas to rebalance the game: the nh spit cooldown*cd is damn too long, shorten it or ad more munitions or add special effects to the spits, i'll give some example the yellow one could attract more zombies, based on where you are on the mapor just regular infected and how many survivors you're fighting the purple one could darkenthe sight, disable any uv light 5 meters around the target, that would force the survivors too split once again the orange one could make survivors weaker/sick like when crain got his zombies transformation goin on, stamina lost recpvering slowly and sight gettong weird finally the green one could do aditional effect if you touch a survivor with your spit. touching a survivor with the toxic spit owuld create a toxic zone as usual but give to the human a debuf, like healing becoming useless, some damages per second since you reached your target chest with a caustic spit and this damage overtime would strike survivors near by, like 4/5 meters and if the target is take down with the spit on it, another toxic splash would appear under the survivor who's been taken down the healing debuff would last 10 sec and the damage on 5 sec, biconditional too 75 damages, it could deal less damages if your life isn't fully tucks or ad a general buff on the nh based on how many survivors you're fighting damages, HEALTH, speed, or an escape move, like eveerytime you take a hit you have a safe jump like the balverines in fable that put you in safety, it could occure every 30 sec or every 100 damages that you do, dunno or Disable the survivor sence make the zombie more discret, more able too hide his self and take a survivor by surprise, there's no way too surprise q good survivorm he'll awlays know where you are and where's gonna fall or Put more zombies around nest and specials one for the last ones like you could have heavy zombies at the 4th nest and bigger zombz for the last , or more or both, all of it would be based on how many survivors you have in the game and generally let all the zombies in the normal map, just remove the ones who are afraid from the UV light and are really powerful, i don't know their name in english it's"rapace" in french but reverso tells me that bird of prey is the translation... might ont be that or add another night hunter when you're against more than 2 survivors thanks for reading this people, that's all i wanted too tell you, ihope you'll give your opinion and that techland will do something about it, they can rebalance the game really easly they just have too change some data about life damages 'n chupacabra, too make a litle update and here we go no more 0/12 for the nh and 0 death for the survivors. youc an say what the chupacabra you want, when survivors are trained, they can counter you ad kill with so many choices that you have too change your gameplay too try too put down someone, it's sad. when you beguin against low survivor you laugh, you make theme stress and feel powerful, but you find a good dropkicker map chekker and the opposite come, you get stomped like a litle zombitch to techland: i want to have fun again, i don't want to be sitting looking the nest getting crushed and cannot do chupacabra, that's just sad lol, that's just killing this fabulous gameplay that you, techland offered to us in plus of the game, like ...DAMN i have alot of pleasure playing a mod that you created and it's like you never tried it, be the zombie against good players isn't fun anymore, it's no challenge. you spent time too create this mod, keep watching it, you just have some programmation data too change and make a quick update, that's not soo much work by comparaison too the huge mod you created... please make something, or i'll be wasted