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    Computers, games and music production.
  1. Ulfhedn4r

    Dying Light Developer Tools Not Appearing?

    Apparently it's down while they're putting in the new assets from the DLC and it'll be back in a few days. This is what I've heard at least.
  2. Ulfhedn4r

    Player Take Damage Entering Water Box?

    I just changed the water box to DamagingObject but it worked just as good (and kept the rendering True ofc ^^). Thanks man! You should really make guides for this stuff. Could potentially be very successful on Youtube.
  3. Ulfhedn4r

    Mac Release For Dying Light

    Boot Camp would help with that.
  4. I have a flooded tunnel zone on one of my maps and I want the player to take electric damage from the water since it's electrified. How do I do that? Also, I'm having issues using Life Graph and Life Place to make an NPC walk from one point to another. I know I have to connect the LP to the LG, but I can't seem to get it to work. Is there any special animation I need to use on my Life Place or something? Anyone who can help with this? Thanks!
  5. Ulfhedn4r

    Looking For Assets

    There's no need. I found my answer. Thanks anyway
  6. Ulfhedn4r

    Looking For Assets

    Hi! I was wondering which assets are used for the first floor of Brecken's tower in the slums (including the building itself)? Also, are there any timelapse versions available for slum houses like there are for the Old Town houses like timelapse_house_historic_a etc.?
  7. Ulfhedn4r

    Terrain Brush High Grass

  8. Ulfhedn4r

    Terrain Brush High Grass

    I'd like to know how you paint high grass?
  9. Ulfhedn4r

    How To Make Npcs Sit Down? *answered*

    For those of you who came here wondering the same thing I did and wanted an answer, use Life Place in Object Types -> Common. Put it down and choose an NPC animation. After that you choose the NPC tool (Jade) in the same section and put it on top of the Life Place icon you just put down. With the NPC selected, choose a skin and you've got yourself an animated NPC.
  10. I have two questions about NPCs/AI: 1) How do I change the position of an NPC (sitting, standing, lying down etc.)? 2) How do I use conversations on an NPC and/or Human AI? Thanks FIXED! GOT MY ANSWER. THANKS!