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  1. This seems to be a seriously wide-spread problem. I really want my rank back, i honestly dont have time to do it again.
  2. TouchTheInfinite

    Dying Light Bug

    Sort what out youre doing something wrong...
  3. TouchTheInfinite

    Moderate Nat?

    I wouldnt worry too much it only really effects hosting and in p2p games youll be fine so long as your host is open. Even without opn nat this game should be fine.
  4. TouchTheInfinite

    Gold Weapons List

    From invasions as a human you are required rank at or above underdog. The four obtainable fantasy weapons are smackhammer, skullmace, battle axe of titans, and blade of order. The four gold-skinned weapons are loco, tribal knife, rune hammer and gonunaba.
  5. TouchTheInfinite

    My Ideas For An Easy Btz Fix.

    You think a human hitting a nighthunter with a machete 6 times is balanced...
  6. TouchTheInfinite

    Gold Weapons List

    You cant win skull machetes in invasions. Its one of the 4 gold skinned weapons, or one of 4 fantasy weapons.
  7. TouchTheInfinite

    Btz Win Rate - Is It Really 50/50?

    How is any of this relevant with so many "game aborted"
  8. TouchTheInfinite

    The Issues With Btz Are Still Here!

    I think its funny your complaining about something you saw on youtube that has absolutely no effect on you or your game. Why are you guys arguing with this idiot?
  9. TouchTheInfinite

    Disaster Relief Guy Not Giving Exp.

    He only gave me reputation xp or whatever.
  10. TouchTheInfinite

    Missing Community Made Maps On Console

    I only got the 2 as well i dont get whats going on.
  11. TouchTheInfinite

    Community Maps Missing?

    Same, i got 2
  12. TouchTheInfinite

    Stamina Does Not Replenish After Arena Mission

    I had this problem and the only fix was new+...
  13. TouchTheInfinite

    The Following Very Weak Blueprints

    Do people not realize getting your survivor and then legend levels up raises damage done with elemental blueprints?
  14. TouchTheInfinite

    Dying Light Ps4 Performance

    found the xb1 player
  15. TouchTheInfinite

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    @ Pete Donnelly, My rank was reset again to prey. first time i was challenger or contender and new plus did it, this time i was indomitable a handful of matches from ultimate survivor and the update did it. Is there a fix or am i just out of hundreds of hours of work?