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    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Please fix the way Hazmats are getting spawned, very frustrating to die because they spawn right on me or in buildings or safezones, here is one topic where they are also detailing this: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12031-are-you-even-planning-to-fix-this-game/
  2. Lord Darkness

    Are You Even Planning To Fix This Game?

    I agree this topic should be pinned and Techland should start fixing all of this annoying bugs, i'm using version 1.11 and i'm having lots of game crashes, i have died countless times because the hazmats spawn right on the spot where i'm located or they spawn on the safezones while i'm getting flares from my stash, lots of screen freezes. Dammit Techland do you even bother to test this game before you launch or send your updates? Do your programmers are even aware that there are serious bugs and errors on this game? We need a solution Techland!!!!
  3. Lord Darkness

    Be The Zombie - Hunter Using Hacks

    You are right so much cheaters and hackers and Techland does nothing about it, i hugely regret buying this game. Steam does not cares about cheaters and hackers either, and Dying Light is not the only game with this problem, even the Call of Duty AW and many other games have a lot of cheaters on Steam too. Worse thing is that i have seen cheaters on other games not even getting banned on VAC Servers. Too bad Techland and Steam don't care at all. Aimbots, wow, so another thing cheaters can use as well to ensure even more their victory. Looks like cheaters and hackers never run out of ideas.
  4. Lord Darkness

    Be The Zombie - Hunter Using Hacks

    I know, raining death from above or impaling them on spikes, but still i wanted to show on the video that this player was taking no damage and that my uv flashlight was not draining his/her energy. I already reported this player on Steam, but i really don't think Steam is going to do anything about it, so i'm just realizing is more of a waste of time to report this hackers.
  5. Lord Darkness

    Be The Zombie - Hunter Using Hacks

    While playing Dying Light on Steam i got invaded by a Hunter which was using hacks, he/she had always the energy full despite the fact that i was aiming the UV Flashlight on him/her and his health bar is larger than usual and he was not taking any damage. I recorded the match, here is the video: The username of this hacker is "Lavender", here you can find a link to his/her profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/remembertoforget/ I uploaded this video because i don't think its fair that there are players cheating on Steam, when i bought this game i was expecting to play with normal players not with hackers. Update 2: I just came across another player using hacks/cheats, here is the video: If you take a close look at the health bar you can see that is unusual and takes no damage, also if you look on the map (top-right) he moves extremely fast, i politely asked this player to turn off his cheats and he just made fun of me, he was not even concerned about the fact that i was recording the game. Here is the link to his profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077442991/ I created this thread 2 days ago and i haven't got any reply from Techland and no reply either from Steam, so its clearly evident they don't care, so at least i'm just posting the profile link's of this cheaters and highly recommend you avoid playing with them. I have also came across many human players using what they call "Infinite UV" and "Infinite Flares", and at then end of the match on the stats i saw they used excessive amount of flares. All of this players cheating just ruin the whole game, very sad indeed.