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  1. bobbers

    I Took A 2 Month Break And Nothing Has Changed

    we need to start a poll or petition to stop techland from making games. who was that dork in that video at techland waving to people asking about his game? that guy needs a slap. he just took your money and now is sitting there laughing at you because you cant do anything about it...well legally....they should sued or be giving out refunds for false advertisement. its been almost a year and they havnt even said anything about it and probably wont. where have they sat and talked to ANYONE about their issues in Be the zombie let alone the boreing sparse amount of zombies in SP especially MP. they are probably developing other things right now as we speak and left 2 monkies and a chupacabra <--(lol just thought of that) to create updates and further content
  2. bobbers

    What's Up With The Night Hunter?

    people that exploit these things need to be banned from the game, for a while. at least 2-3 months. exploits create grief and unbalance. sure these little nerds think its funny and not their fault because they didnt make it. well sure but your using it to cheat sooo....your banned. so we got 2 problems, guys like this cheating calling it glitches. did you get the name from the video? find out who he is on facebook and go kick his head in, and his parents for raising an idiot
  3. bobbers

    08/2015 Night Hunter Still Too Weak!

    they dont care bro they got their money, have they responded to any of these issues or stayed to discusss it? nope
  4. wow good thing 2 in 100 people have the patience to deal with this, i guess that makes everything ok...stop posting
  5. too late techland dosnt care, do you see them replying to anything about this? they messed up and now they are just waiting for us to forget about the zombie is geared towards cod losers BECAUSE 1. humans can see you through walls???!?! WTF? terrible and absolute bad call. the guy that thought he should implement survival sense in mp should dragged into the street and booted bloody. 2.take hunter out of the name. please do it now because many hunters want their prey to see them on the other side of the map. soooo dumb. do you have hunting in poland? pretty sure you lets ALSO give that prey the ability to A. drop kick you because even tho your strong enough to jump off building and ground pound, your dmg is useless.i could go on. B. UV lights dont do jack after so many feet unless you have alot of power....godammit techland read first for survival scav game dont you think a UV that powerfull should run out and need more batteries? oh wait i forgot theres a cord you cant see attached to his light! LOL.....make them have to find batteries for the UV light, jesus IT MUST BE NICE TO JUMP INTO A SURVIVAL GAME AT NIGHT AND ALL YOU NEED IS A WEAPON AND A SUPER UV LIGHT, THERE DONT BE WORRIED. SO now with an update you give us a mere survival nerf spit that probably has a cooldown as long as the lets brake this down.... the guy making this stuff dosnt read from reviews and gives us that predicted . "I DONT CARE WHAT THE FANS LIKE OR WANT, THIS IS OUR GAME YOU DONT DARE TELL US WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! WHO ARE YOU TO SUGGEST WAY BETTER THINGS!? THATS OFFENSIVE, HOW DARE YOU WE ARE TECHLAND...." This is what you need to do before you multiplayer gets a very bad reputation. -hard mode should have limited sense from both sides....this is hard mode not "OH I CANT SEE THE HUNTER/HUMAN OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY! MY ANXIETY AND SENSE OF SURPRISE AND ADVENTURE IS TOO MUCH" -PROJECTILE DAMAGE as someone has mentioned, something to pick at -UV BLOCK needs some sort of gave us a heal? thats it? are you completely serious? MAKE A BLIND FLASH FOR THE HUNTER blinding opponents -ONLY NIGHT TIME HUNTER? damn im getting tired of this weird night stuff. i understand that hes sensitive to light like a vampire but way weaker. super weak. HAVE you not made enough MONEY of your suckered fan base that you cant go back to WORK and create more content? yes PICK UP YOU OVERPRICED CELL and go back to work and give us a challange, give us a feel of want and excitement. becuase im getting tired of 10 year olds that shouldnt be playing this game to begin with a reason to support all these things." WAHHH WAHHH I CANT SEE A CAMO NIGHT BEAST FLING THROUGH THE AIR....." your not suppose to!!!!!!! unless your good. its night. you have eyes and ears, let alone 4 people..... use them. "WAHHH WAHHH I CANT SEE THEM COMMING IN PITCH BLACK 4 FOOTBALL FIELDS AWAY WAHHH..." enough said -HUMAN SIDESTEP - really you can sidestep your whole body length and more? not sure if the hunter can even sidestep...anyway that inhuman gross looking bad quality futuristic i got hoverpacks in my boots sidestep is too much. i realised u designed that just for the SOLE PURPOSE for the big guy that charges but you forgot how useless spit is at a low lvl. even as a human i can make it impossible for spit to hit me because.. A.theres barely zombies around to support the hunter, b humans are almost par agility wise and strength is a joke for hunters -DAY ZOMBIE... now this was expected at launch but hey every company is doing false ads why not techland? WE NEED a zombie type runner, THIS CHARACTER SHOULD - be able to climb,sneak,stalk, be silent,tackle,hold other players in place or have zombie minions that you can tell what to do, have them follow you, be able to duck into sewers and MOST OF ALL BLEND IN WITH OTHER ZOMBIES, imagine being able to get close in a horde because he dosnt know who or what your really are until he goes for the regular chop.... BUT STEALTH IS KEY, and stealth is best option for melee only chars> HOW DID THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?!?! -ADD MORE ZOMBIES these guys run around at night with no fear of an actual horde....must be nice to just be able to run looking to the sky for hunters with no real fear for being grabbed or walking into a spike pit.ITS LIKE once the hunter joins the game zombies are non existent unless you use the spit. -ADD MORE ZOMBIE PLAYERS....LIKE 4v2 so to sum up this angry tiff.....get rid of the human sense in hard mode, or nerf it to 20ft, or a massive cooldown. create a day chaters with more zombie players can join like 2v2 or 4vs4. create chaos and fear for this side. because cod kids can show up here and ruin the immersive quality by drop kicking a monster zombie with no fear? if that were me and some brainless peon tried to do that id use tendrils to rip him like a wishbone. it feels like you let your kids design the difficulty of the game. so thats it for, ill be back to rant until this game is fixed if not ill be on a crusade to ruin this company with every game it releases and walks away from. its been almost a year, what are you guys doing?