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  1. Ninja

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Well just a tip all i can say is that the "winning" hunters do it all day long. Yes all day long against the best teams and best players and winning as a result. It almost never misses after gp and gp hit ratio on good hunters is 95%+
  2. Ninja

    A Hunters Worst Nightmare.

    Well as of right now, hunter is favoured against the survivors. Even 4v1 against a good hunter it is still a slight disadvantage to the hunter with 1v1 being impossible against a good hunter that knows how to play. It's probably because you don't do the gp>spit overpowered trick that is all you actually need. Just ground pound and spit and you will hit 100% of the time, if it's uv spit then pounce them right after. Especially go for the isolated survivors as they are dead if you do that. It's broken in my opinion.
  3. Ninja

    Tactics Againist High Level Survivors.

    Well i noticed on vac secured servers most people dont cheat. If you do, you run the risk of getting vac banned as i know someone that got vac banned after he deleted me(i found he was vac banned later). Unless you play on a non vac server then expect cheaters
  4. Ninja

    Tactics Againist High Level Survivors.

    1st of all i don't agree it is in the survivors advantage if its 1v1 or 2v1, it is well in the hunters advantage if its 2 or 1 player. Only when it is 4v1 i think it is in the survivors advantage with 3v1 being equal talking about highest skill hunters like visceral/nanoboy vs top top players. Well to be honest gp>spit works well if it is 1v1 or 2v1 and probably kill them but if its 3v1 and 4v1 and they are top players, it won't kill them. Sure you can get it on them but it wont kill as they will have good team mates for cover. The best technique nanoboy uses on me is when i am in old town high at nests he will run up in front of me then jump behind me and tackle me> fall off building>certain death. Against the best survivors this is one of the only ways to guarantee kill. Nowadays i have to know my surroundings and put my back to a wall to stop him from doing it, as you cannot dodge a tackle unless you are looking at the hunter PS if its 1v1 i don't think its possible for survivor. If uv spit>pounce>uv interrupts pounce>they get uv spit on definitely>they throw flare>they stay around flare>you pound flare and survivor>pounce=dead. I don't think there is any way to get away from that.
  5. Ninja

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    I so hate the auto balancing system. It's like a car game where the person behind can always catch up to you no matter how well you drive.
  6. Ninja

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    If you are going to nerf flare then nerf it for 3v1 and 4v1 only like you did with the damage scale Techland. 1v1 is not possible now
  7. Ninja

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    1v1 human is dead. Get him on uv spit ie by spitting then pouncing him>interrupts pounce>animation slows time down and 100% gets spit on. Human throws flare, hunter ground pounds him to death, or ground pounds him away from flare, or ground pounds him with the flare, then pounce. Can't do nothing. Only thing human can do it run to the water. What other changes are there?
  8. Ninja

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    You should play nanoboy EMtrix he is good at doing successful tackles, he seems to be the other hunter that has a high ratio of tackles on me and killed me the most as he is so good at them. Even jumps around to your back and then tackles you which you cannot dodge unless you are looking at him. Nowadays im more careful of my surroundings and put my back towards a wall so i don't fall off a building when he successfully tackles me.
  9. Ninja

    Hey Guys

    Bad karma is a long time hacker. If you cheat on vac server you may get vac banned. I know someone that has.
  10. No way the tackle knock back (which knocks other players down if they are near hunter if that's what you mean) is so fair for hunter. Back in the days players can wait around the hunter for him to successfully tackle a survivor and then the other survivors kill him during animation. Yes that was an unfair and lol moment to kill hunter.
  11. Actually about the magnetism Techland can probably stop the magnetism if a survivor is holding down left mouse button for a dfa. That's a good point too
  12. Nope i don't have a good hunter only a good survivor that's why im asking for good hunters opinion i guess. I understand about UV heal i don't mind it but at least allow hunters to run away and use it rather than allowing the hunter to use it in the survivors face and not get punished for it. When they UV healed in front of me i was alone in a 2v1 game and did a tackle and hammer and it still didn't kill.
  13. Well you just said you don't have a good hunter. I'm sorry but i'd rather discuss with someone that has a good hunter for their opinion as i am talking about the high level side not the low level side. I don't want to be discussing with someone saying drop kick/ DFA and medkits is not fair. Lol Other than that i feel the game is fair or advantage is leaning towards the hunter if its 1v1 or 2v1.
  14. Well you are probably not that good if you still think hunter is weak and cannot win. As of right now hunter has the advantage over survivor. From my experience the good hunters can nearly get all their energy back healing right in front of you even if we attack him but not kill him during the heal.
  15. Hi All, I know for a long time hunters have been complaining the game is in the survivors favour. Yes I agree that it has but now it is the other way around so hunters don't need to complain anymore. As a survivor i do welcome the changes however got a couple of problems at the moment - 1) Techland can you fix the teleporting bombers, wherever you are the bombers can teleport into you and they seem to kill me at least once a game which makes it really unfair for survivor especially if i am on the roof. 2) Nerf the Hunter heal skill. A lot of the good hunters are abusing this skill, they attack you and then they get hit, then they heal right in front of you and then carry on attacking you. Even during their healing process survivors find it really difficult to kill the hunter unless 2 survivors hit the hunter with a 2 handed weapon at the same time because the healing is so fast. At least make it so that if the survivor hits the hunter during the healing process it will stop the healing process but not his recovery, which punishes hunter for healing right in front of you.....