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  1. FolksyTarsier

    You Messed Up.

    I can confirm i play on xbox one and i see many survivors instakill the nests with a shotgun and legend 250 it works for some but not for all people i am certain they are not cheating however and it is an actual bug
  2. Some shotguns still oneshot the nest in btz
  3. Also good to see you cant instakill a hunter when he is in an animation by throwing the weapon
  4. FolksyTarsier

    No New Skills Or Mutations In Btz Post Following

    I havent played my nh on the following map but pvp is fixed guys humans are nerfed nh is a bit better and nests are actually a challenge now thanks techland No idea about the following tho
  5. FolksyTarsier

    Custom Button Mapping For Be The Zombie

    How do you do this? I would really like to know bc its not possible to tackle and move your camera at the same time for me right now
  6. FolksyTarsier

    I Wish More Nighthunter Players Would Play As Survivor

    I am an ultimate survivor that can fist apex predators and win and an apex predator lv60 and believe me when i tell you that the hunter is up
  7. FolksyTarsier

    Attention All "night Hunters" The New Map Is Suicide

    I agree the new map will be a nightmare if uv range itsnt decreased because in a mal without any cover keeping enough stamina for a fight is impossible and every attack will mostly be easily evaded by nh booster + dodge spam. And i dont know how the uv safehouse buggy will work but it seems awefull to the hunter.
  8. Damn that looks awesome! Something tells me i am gonna get wrecked by buggies tho lol but we will see
  9. FolksyTarsier

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    The only challenge for a good human is a 1v1 with 1v2 or more me and my friends can literally destroy everyone
  10. FolksyTarsier

    Need Advice

    Try dodging sideways as it be harder for them to hit the spitpounce right and you should be able to get out of it. Besides that you just got to deal with the effects i suppose
  11. FolksyTarsier

    Just How Bad Is The Original Btz

    Seriously? Keep aborting games? So just because you cant have fun in this game and dont think its fair no one deserves exp points and a win because you think it would be unfair? I agree the mutations dont add too much but no one forces you to mutate you can be a mutation 0 apex predator and you would only miss toxic spit ss spit and uv heal and you'd be fine. I for myself find toxic spit very usefull and uv heal can be handy too. Survivor sense spit maybe not that powerful and i think it needs a buff because the only result it has is that survivors start spamming flares. Mutation 3 is not meant to be way stronger compared to other mutations and i think this is pretty good as it would be an unfair advantage compared to hunters. I agree the mode has some flaws and being the hunter can be a bit up but that still is no reason to abort on other people who play for fun not to annoy you or something
  12. FolksyTarsier

    So... Why Is Duping Still A Thing In This Game?

    So does that really hurt you that much? Invasions reset the damage of weapons and a grey weapon is as good as a gold weapon and about the duped items i understand when i play a survivor with duped flares and all because it is nearly impossible to fight hunters without items and weapons so i dont care when my opponents dupe their weapons
  13. FolksyTarsier

    So... Why Is Duping Still A Thing In This Game?

    Because the game isnt all about btz and pvp and people like to have a high enough rank to have fighting zombies be fun i suppose
  14. FolksyTarsier

    What About Allowing 2 Night Hunters In Pvp?

    2 nh hunters wouldnt work out because 1: it is OP and 2: most of the hunters attacks are animation based and it wouldnt work out nice if you have 2 hunters with both animation based attacks
  15. FolksyTarsier

    Playing As The Night Hunter Sucks

    I agree it is not the most fair gamemode but it makes it extra rewarding when you do win that ond game you thaugt was impossible to win atleast thats something right? :/ Playing as a nh takes a lot of dedication and after a while you will have figured out and you can beat people easy it just takes a long time