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    Survivor Point Of View

    1. that is fine you can dodge that by jumping, if you know exactly when a hunter is going to do what then there is no possible way a hunter can win, they have so many less ways to attack when compared to a human. 2. Don't spam flares as soon as you can't uv wait a few seconds you can normally get 4-5 flares out if you time when you throw them, throw one wait a few throw another and move in between them (you don't need more than 2 flares) 3. don't know what your talking about its still rubbish (saying this as both hunter and human) i have got so many kills as human and killed so many times as hunter from dfa's that would not hit granted it is better spike kills for both human and hunter are the only real problem 4.yeah i agree there have always been so many modders in pvp no matter who you are it sucks. ways to killer hackers as human and hunter human hacker pounce tackle or gp them into spikes Hunter hacker drop kickthem into spikes uv them into spikes (from a pounce) dodge a tackle(into spikes (good to tempt a hunter) dfa just keep healing and uv torch everything and just go for the nests The Regen is the same across mutations its when a hunter is facing more humans the regen increases so if you were playing with a friend i can imagine that the hunter might be able to get those spits out(also worth noting i haven't seen weaker hunter regen for myself (i have been a apex mute 3 for ages)
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    Survivors 1 Shotting Nests

    b1sh0p try more melee attacks humans take more damage from your zombies and you (i don't think its a bug its legend level max on nightmare where humans deal more damage) Jcoreela17 you have not seen it right or your opponents are modding/hacking sorry for the weird text
  3. I could be wrong about this but here it goes... Ending 1: Same as yours Ending 2: possible that crane is a volatile. What makes me doubt this is he was having some visions while going back to the surface, my problem with this ending is Ending 3: same as ending 1 (really disappointed by that, after all that work as well) 1: Kyle has different symptoms to when he was bit and infected (in the base game) however you could say its a different transformation (a volatile transformation (which is fine(i suppose))) 2: Kyle does spit a lot of the vial out that the mother gave him (thus enraging her) 3: You know how the only way in and out of the country side is threw the starting area (i know ezgi escapes threw a different way) you also know about the secret outfit at the start of the game, under the body the *nothing happens outfit* this could imply two things first ending 2 he is not a volatile or that the following never happens (a forth ending) which does explain the 4 arrows on the achievement for beating the dlc) also the nothing happens outfit has some polish on the back read it 4:I think techland said somewhere that there will be more content (for this year) which then makes you wonder what kind of content (i find it hard to think that for dying light (1 anyway) that we will play someone else how the virus starts seems good a solid theory could explain the water dlc (someone knew about the water and tried to shut it off in old town) however we did hear in the base game that the virus is only transferred by bite(this was in the alcohol side quest in the main game) Also with the volatiles we never see them bite you(you can see why by their appearance) we see them headbutt you (if they jump you) We also know because of the volatile nests and that 1 quest in the dlc we know that volatiles are people being transformed into volatiles (if you listen to their screams you can hear things like (please kill me, the light it burns etc). I think the night hunter would be the the 'protector' if you wanted a zombie to fit that roll. as for the airborne virus it does transform you i suppose but its not the infection. The gas makes you a volatile (said by the mother even breathing slowly turns you into one) so the infection is therefore technically not airborne because on top of what i said it was the faceless who were making it into its airborne form (Which was not seen in the original form in the harren city and slums) The Origins clearly the virus came from the GRE if that was not obvious from the main story. How did it start to infect thousands my guess as a apart of the game there in Harren the GRE or the Ministry of Defense would be giving vaccinations to the people and the athletes it wouldn't be to hard to slip a virus into some random individuals who would later return to other parts of the city (slums,old town, country side,stadium and the other parts of the city which we do not explore (why not the skyscrapers and stuff would be sick to parkour in, techland get on that for dlc or DL2). Thus after a few weeks(or days) the first infected start to mutate hence creating the quarantine zones (the places of origin for many of the first infected) this is confirmed by spike) Meteor Theory doesn't seem valid because if you were paying attention the main story rais even says have you seen the files (it was made by the GRE or the Ministry to weaponize it. (also that guy was crazy (even kyle thought so) so that seems unlikely Why trust Rais? at the end kyle tells the GRE get lost because they won't bomb Harren as long as the cure is in Harren. We can see that the accept this and fly away if they didn't create this they could bomb the place and kill all the infected anyway also seen in the 1st ending of the dlc (also explains why kyle wouldn't do that and why that is not the cannon ending). BUT THEY DON'T BOMB THE PLACE! because they want to make a cure so when they sell the weaponized version they have a cure incase things go wrong so there won't be another Harren event. Crane The Hunter Theory Why would that be the case the mother is a volatile how would he be a hunter(yes this would be a nice fade in to btz). The hybrid volatile hunter would make the most sense or a straight out volatile. look at his hands the same as the mothers big long hands, Hunters have a hand that can split in half (for the tendrils) his scream yes does sound like a hunter but the text does say volatile scream and who knows maybe they can make that scream. from a hunters view a hunter is about killing alone. all hunters are mindless they only want to kill and protect nests voltiles are the ones who walk around displaying human like movements and actions. also in a hunter match after you win the guy at the tower says(sorry i forgot his name) looks like the hunter ran off(singular i think there is only meant to be one hunter (this also is explained by the single hunter form at the start of btz it was only later hunter mutations were a thing(so all hunters looked the same like there is one hunter)) SIDE NOTES: kyle does appear in human clothes the whole time the only thing we see is his hands at the end.similar to the mother but also we don't know why they screamed. A man climbs up from the sewers covered in blood and dirty water and how does that not seem scary to children? also don't you think a hunter would be silly considering how much Techland uses volatiles as dying lights imagine?
  4. Wraith24

    Punk Queen And Wrench Kiss

    yeah i know the feeling i missed out on getting the per order by a $1, at the time money was tight xD. Then my friends get it somehow in January this year. argh! xD
  5. Hi maybe something for techland to note i talked to techland support, After what i thought was content that was now free (even thought it was pre order)(punk queen and wrench kiss) Since the new DLC release date my friends have got these 2 blue prints. However none of them pre ordered. (very aware that none of them mod) so yeah people are getting the pre orders for no reason (unless i am wrong) anyway that was all (we are on steam)
  6. though so i wasn't sure, i am just trying to unlock everything before the new dlc Thanks for clearing that up Sora
  7. Hello, Recently I have completed the Bozak Horde DLC I have however not been able to get the blue Bozak Pet Outfit or the blue Bozak Mask Outfit. I have the lime green Bozak Pet and the lime green Bozak Mask Outfit (which is all i have seen in-game). But in the trailer and the message from the developers there is a blue Bozak Mask Outfit and Blue Bozak Pet Outfit Is it possible to actually possible to get these or were the cut from Development? If you can get them how would one get these? Sorry for this being a really long post