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  1. II LYC4N II

    Night Hunter Spamming

    You are tired of NH ground pound spam ? Well this is what us NH are tired of... this list includes but is not limited to - *Spam of the UV spotlight *Spam of the endless amounts of duped UV flares *Spam of Dodging *Spam of unavoidable dropkicks *Spam of Survivor Sense *Spam of duped cloak potions *Grappling hooks that make survivors travel faster than NH *Shields that negate all spit effects *No penalty to survivors for dodging too much or missing attacks like dropkick or DFA, while if a NH misses it is penalized with instant death again and again. *NH are almost always outnumbered 3v1 *Survivors can render every ability but ground pound and spits useless with the the simple click of a flahlight. Play as a NH and actually see the hell we endure and you will change your tone.
  2. II LYC4N II


    Thanks, appriciate the help
  3. II LYC4N II


    How do you invade a friends match in btz ?
  4. II LYC4N II

    I Have A Few Ideas.

    Im not saying it doesnt take skill, i honestly believe it takes more skill to be a hunter than a survivor. Survivor sense ultimately breaks the mode removing it or making it inactive during BtZ would fix every issue, everything right now is fine other than th survivors knowing exactly where you are the entire match.
  5. II LYC4N II

    I Have A Few Ideas.

    Now i am new to these forums but i have a few ideas, ive read a few treads and i have some suggestions on the Night hunter that ive experienced myself that are very frustrating. Now i know there will be some people who will say the night hunter is strong enough or overpowered. Now it may seem like that on paper but in game is another story. The night hunter is supposed to be feared, a terror, the creature you say "oh chupacabra" to, and run, however it seems like we the night hunters are the ones running and fleeing. Here are my preposals. The UV Flahlight and flares - They seem to have a rediculous range of effect, far outside what they were meant to have i believe. The UV lights and fares are also way too effective, i can understand draining energy, but it also kills you by depleting health, and almost instantly disabling your abilities, what make this increasingly frustrating is you as the night hunter are always marked on the mini map, and since there is only one night hunter allowed per lobby the match quickly turns into a "well just sit here and aim UV lights in his directin till he leaves" match which isnt fun. Its very cowardice and boring. Now my ideas on this and solutions - there are two key factors that make the UV abilities very overpowred, if one or both of these were removed it would be fair. 1: The night hunter always on minimap. - this is an issue mainly for reason 2. 2: Only one night hunter per lobby. Now a 1v2- 1v3- and 1v4 match is already unbalanced pair that with 2 or more people who can use a flahlight and look at a minimap and see your exact location at all times is a really bad day for any hunter, add in the fact that the way you locate humans is to howl (which gives away your position even further) and you have a situation that no matter what, survivors know exactly where you are going to attack from. My solution - Night hunters should not pop up on radar or minimap at all, we should only be able to be detected by direct line of sight and by the sound of our howl, to balance this the duration of the night hunters howl should be shortened with a small 5 sec cooldown before it can be used again. The absense of being able to locate a hunter will make players more cautious and work together as a team rather than the match being a flashlight pointing contest. Second the UV flashlights specifically- The length you can use a UV flashlight should be extended, but no battery recharge. Making the hunter undectectable by anything but sound and line of sight will cause severe spamming of the UV light ind every which direction, which is cheap. Making the duration of the UV light longer will ensure you can use it consistantly, and the batteries not recharging will ensure survivors dont just camp and spam it all match, it will retain its power to stun and hurt a hunter just as it does now, so you will still have to approch situations carefully as a hunter, but it will also force players to work together as a team rather than just spamming UV light everywhere. Third is flares, they should be limited as in you can carry two, no recharge, no resupply unless you die and respawn. These are heavily abused on nests, as in throw them at our feet as were attacking the nest, when they go out another is charged and ready to be thrown, rinse, repeat, people also abuse this getting around, throw flare, shine UV light at hunter, throw flare, etc. Its very cheap and garuntees a hunter cant get near them, some people say aerial pound, but it cancels your pound out halfway to the ground due to the UV lights retarded one mile range. Simple limit flares to two per life, period, end of story. And finally, 1v3 should be the limit, if there are four or more surviors in a match a second hunter should be allowed to join in. The second issue i see is the survivors ability to keep up with a hunter on foot, a hunter should not be able to be caught by a survivor on foot. The grapping hook, very good ability, however it can be used too frequently and at times can be even faster than the hunters tendril ability. This is an issue when the hunters are advertised to be way faster and versatile than survivors. Some may say these changes would make the night hunter a god, and therefor make him unstoppable. Here i argue no it wouldnt. It would make the hunter a LOT harder to take down but it would incorporate teamwork to do so. Which is why there can be 6 survivors and one hunter, or even two if these changes are implemented. The hunter is supposed to be something you fear, something you dread facing, but right now it seems like the hunters are glorified punching bags, not the terror of the night. For the increase in difficulty however the gear obtained should be upgraded in rarity, the gear should be uniqe and if you were to conquer a hunter alone the gear even better. These are my thoughts my fellow hunters, share your ideas and let me know what you think.