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  1. KlPPER

    Fog/weather Problem

    You may have played around with the other two bars in the weather settings (at the very bottom of the window) which happened to me and totally screwed my weather. If this is the case then the only fix i've found is to just effectively copy and paste the whole map into a brand new map file, then weather will then be set to default again. To do that, is explained somewhere in the steam dying light tools FAQ
  2. KlPPER

    Quest Issue

    Hey so i'm having a few problems setting up a quest for a map i'm making, My .pxl quest file keeps saying 'Invalid incident!' below my quest name (quest Winchester) and just generally not recognizing my quest name whatsoever. This is my text file so far, !String (s,s) String ("Winchester, "Winchester_quest") String ("WinchesterEpilog_Name, "WinchesterEpilog") I understand maybe my texts_steam_workshop.scr file is not being located properly however it's in the correct place and so is the pxsl Thanks