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  1. dogeared2

    Hyper Mode No Reward

    Did you guys check with the quartermaster for dockets?
  2. dogeared2

    Why Are Gold Weapons So Bad?

    I like the Blade of Order - it seems to have a hidden attribute of slicing zombies in half, best done vertically of course
  3. dogeared2

    Has Dying Light Gotten Harder? Did I Miss Anything?

    Seems to me the more legend points I get the harder the zombies are. WHich is great
  4. dogeared2

    Joyous Weapons

    Oh no, I dropped it during a fight. Wasn't even using it either
  5. dogeared2

    Joyous Weapons

    Thanks, but I want to find them myself, just not the same otherwise. My new favourite is the remarkable iron pick, this thing is brutal, not found anything better for smashing skulls
  6. dogeared2

    Where's The Gold Weapons?

    I've never found any either.
  7. dogeared2

    Joyous Weapons

    I've been round 5 times but only just found the Dragon cricket bat is such fun - got that upgraded with two Kings and bruiser with Home Run blueprint - I find most bats a bit slow but this is awesome. Gotta love the vicious carving hammer and a decent cleaver too. Think it's the sounds that make these weapons special.
  8. dogeared2

    Only Missing 2 Gold Tier Weapons In Game!

    I have precisely none.
  9. dogeared2

    Still No Gold Weapons

    Nice one. I've had invasions turned off a for a while now because of the hackers, but maybe I'll give it another go.
  10. dogeared2

    Still No Gold Weapons

    Thanks, I'll try that
  11. dogeared2

    Still No Gold Weapons

    So I've been round 5 times and done 260 hours in hard mode (not all since 1.5 patch). I'm scavenging police vans like crazy and killing all the goons and demolishers. Still can't find one.
  12. dogeared2

    Variety In Weapons Severly At High Levels.

    Yeah I saved an orange vicious carving hammer from the slums, that is probably my favourite weapon, but a little weak for Old Town. Rainbow hatchet is a nice choice. I'm always tempted to go around again just to find things like long knives - do like a cleaver too
  13. dogeared2

    Weapon Max Damages Moderator/manager/developer Question

    Really? Please tell me more!
  14. dogeared2

    Invincible Nighthunter

    Definitely. Well I've not encountered any more cheaters, but someone did accuse me of hacking! lol, couldn't believe it - I was actually winning for once then he rage quit after I narrowly survived his horde attack
  15. dogeared2

    Invincible Nighthunter

    Zombie MPs? Who would notice? Guess the cheaters will always be there, came across this site I just wanna play on a level playing field, even though the hunter is way too powerful imho, but that's another argument