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    08/2015 Night Hunter Still Too Weak!

    I think some of the suggestions in the posts above are pointing changes in the right direction. In fact you will need a moment of distraction to kill the humans but in present creating said scenarios is too hard in my opinion. One, not two, ONE tiny mistake (a missed spit, a failed ground pound) and you can either watch them destroying your nests or get killed. --- Reducing the accuracy and/or adding a cooldown for survivor sense would force the survivor to keep an eye on your actions as a night hunter and not simply bashing nests while tracking all your movements solely on the mini-map. It also increases the surprise effect on sneaky attacks and therefore can make it easier to apply your spits or land your melee attacks such as ground pound or tackle. --- Next aspect concerning spits covers the shared cooldown for UV-suppressor and survivor sense suppressor spits. Having only 2 spits in a match against 4 survivors doesn't give you that much of an ability to keep the pressure up. Landing a successful pounce requieres a distraction, and a combination of zombies, the human not knowing your exact position, a UV-suppressor spit and maybe a tackle or ground-pound can give you the opportunity to kill 'em. In total with all the changes the spit-mechanic as it is in present might fit in without any changes. We will see about that. --- Ground-pound and tackle are working fine despite the somewhat less than perfect cooldown on missed attacks. Combined with a laggy connection its just not possible to survive. --- Speaking about CQC, UV-flashlight range and -power hast to be decreased. In fact this would make the night hunter more dangerous, especially in keeping the pressure level up. It won't be possible to just kill the nest while keeping you at a save distance. --- Health level or protection of the night hunter and maybe also the nests should be increased. Thus making you a little tougher too kill with both melee- and range-weapons. --- The survivor shouldn't be able to dodge everything and then for missed attacks not even get a cooldown or whatsoever. Despite all the good ideas on changes and how to balance PvP a bit better, i see one major problem. The gametype is still asymmetrical. Keeping the option to play 1v1, 2v1, 3v1 and 4v1 will make it harder to balance battles. While currently 1v1 is the only opportunity for a skilled night hunter to win against one skilled human (assumed the night hunter really brings his a-game and the survivor won't use bugs such as blocking spits with shield and stuff) then buffing the night hunter will maybe result in a fair 4v1 match but really making a 1v1 impossible for survivors (hehe ) greets EB0L4
  2. I'v finally encouraged myself to play as the night hunter in the "Be the zombie"-mode. Currently I'm close to unlocking mutation level 3 (2 skillpoints missing). Well due to the changes of the latest patch I was hoping to experience some balanced matches and got disappointed so that even the joker of the batman-comics wants to hide under a dunghill. With most of the skills unlocked and now on rank "Widow Maker", due to matches with people quitting on me or just farming the non-experienced players, I constantly got matched against 2-4 people within the upper three ranks of the survivor score. That leaves me exactly one option: pick the match with only 1 skilled survivor and even loose that. He will die once, because I can groundpound him if I'm lucky and hit him with a spit. Then he has to run, is distracted a little and if you're really good you manage to kill him. But then he will respawn, of course within closest range to the next nest-group, and your spits will be ready again after he has finished off the nest. In the meantime he covers himself in flares and just drains your energy with the 200 yard range UV-light. So there is nothing you can do but watch hence your melee-attacks are poorly conceived. 5 nests against 10 lives, I think I do not have to do the math for you. So with 2 or more player active you cannot really do anything about protecting your nests. Given the fact that the survivor can dodge all your tackle and stuff, whereas you as the zombie simply can not dodge a simple dropkick, you won't stand a chance in melee fights. You will need your UV- jammer to engage and apply your spits, but then how can you flee again. They just drain your energy and beat you to death. I know that sounds brutal! Don't worry, it will be over after a small kick with your foot and 1, not 2 or 3; no - ONE SINGLE HIT with a 2h weapon is enough to terminate you. With the issue of recovering for ages after a missed goundpound, interrupted pounce or dodged tackle you will certainly die. With 3-4 people often somebody is camping on an elevated level of the map, like the edge of a building or such. There he will wait for you, and if you spitstuck him, he shields and nothing happens. But if you pounce he will interrupt that and rain death on you instantly while you are falling down to the ground and recovering for 5 seconds. So really nice to play without a wink of chance. PVP is such a great part of this game, but it gets kinda trivial when reaching a higher level on both the side of the zombie and the survivor. For latter it's simply no challenge anymore when knowing how to use your equipment right. Please balance, I know you are used to capacity with releasing the new Addon in the near future, but this is a mode of the old game, which actually should have been fixed by now. There are already a lot of good threads with suggestions on how to balance the PVP experience. greets EB0L4