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  1. EnlightenMe

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Haha ok. But they probably don't get that point of yours- Maybe like 'meh he can't pull it of' sort of thing good restraint though
  2. Most probably there will be no further mutation in the current game, just some balance tweaking and stuff for the btz mode. I wonder why we can't have the option for our spits to explode instantly after they touch the ground or survivors? I believe i would hit survivors more frequent that way. The current delays allow them to just dodge the spits easily. Can u do that Techland?
  3. EnlightenMe

    Get This Bug To Techland Asap Please!

    That's a fancy video to report a bug (intro, transition etc.) Looks like Parkinson to me lol or maybe some virus attacking the hunter's nerve system... I think someone already posted about this bug before. I haven't play the game much lately so haven't encounter it. Wait! is it contagious? Quick Techland! do something before all hunters get crippled!
  4. EnlightenMe

    Rupert Has Vanished!

    You mean the old rupert right? He's been busy viewing and approving my videos for awhile, like this one (minute 3.05): I still have a lot of videos for him to approve so it will be sometimes before he can show up in your game (Serious answer: i don't know where he is tbh) Maybe the others can tell u. so guys! where is waldo.. er i mean rupert?)
  5. EnlightenMe

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    1. Maybe he was Crane! that's why he can hear that sound too (he probably ate the tracker after changing to NH). 2. LMAO Hunter: where u want to go sir? i will be your chauffeur for tonight. Crane: Umm.. to your nests maybe?
  6. EnlightenMe

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Good tactic using under the map glitch to kill, but u missed your chance to pounce. In the second video, at 4.17 and 7.10 they dropped some dynamites on the ground and when u gp, boom u are dead. It's a feasible trick if u are playing with a teammate because human can be revived after that. But hunter will go down even in full health. Is this intentional Pete? Cause they just drop them on the rooftop and baiting u to gp. At least reduce its damage to the hunter's health like the gas tank explosion.
  7. EnlightenMe

    Never Played Be The Zombie, Tips?

    Allen u son of a gun! Haha just upload the video! Players will decide if the play styles suit them or not, no need to badmouth others.. though i don't like to be called cat or kitten either!
  8. We are discussing about this in the btz thread too, check it out here: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11312-the-truth-about-the-night-hunter-a-story-waiting-to-be-unfolded/?p=38817
  9. EnlightenMe

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    LMAO this is the funniest sh*t i've seen today! F*ck tendril, the buggy is much better (said the NH) LOLOL XD
  10. EnlightenMe

    Survivor Point Of View

    So i guess the hunter needs to be OHK with a head shot too cause that's the norm in the zombies' lore. Plus, the horde spawning instantaneously near you is also intentional cause it is specified in the game file. Oh oh how about the one where the hunter has this weapon attached to its arm and OHK survivor? That must be intentional too right! and the other one where the nests get destroyed instantly after the hunter joins in is intentional too! i'm sure of it, I'm a freaking genius! Heil me! Ah and Chaos, don't tell me otherwise cause u are just a moderator.. Only for Chaos to open:
  11. EnlightenMe

    So..... What Is It...?

    The hunter is like a hitman, minus the stealth. so basically u go into a fight, do 1 or 2 fancy moves and run away (more than that usually u will die), then repeat the process. A glass-cannon they say (but maybe chicken-cannon more precise? Cause i've been told that 'i keep running away after few attacks and couldn't stand my ground like what the survivors are doing'). Funny but that's how it works- admit it, It's an opportunistic chicken! Not some scary zombie that will strike fear into your heart, well unless you're a noob. Make peace with yourself and u will hv no problem with the hunter's weaknesses
  12. Yeah like arkham knight's batmobile that can be called upon whenever u want it services! Wait but batmobile is so badass that u can't even compare it with the buggy... hmm maybe several stations throughout the map to spawn the buggy? Something like the one in borderlands? Or just don't lose it lol. I have been invaded several times where my buggy was not reachable or can't be used after it got stuck somewhere. Guess what, it's marathon time!
  13. EnlightenMe

    I Suffer So Much When I Watch These Trailer

    The mode will be similar to the current one, so the balancing issue is not a problem if they fix the current bugs and exploits that we have: So let say in the new mode: 1) Survivors need to retrieve the first part and install it at the center before the next one will spawn- this will prevent other survivors going alone or on their own for the other parts- they need to move in group. 2) Each part will be guarded by a group of zombies similar to the current mode that we have. Place it in a special container with wooden door that need to be pry open so that it will make loud noise- this will force the survivors to clear the zombies first and after that they have to lock pick the chest inside it (difficulty can vary from easy- very hard). Each survivors can be given 10-20 pick locks from the start, maybe more if necessary cause this shouldn't be an issue. 3) If the survivors manage to install all parts, the hunter will automatically lose, but if the hunter manage to kill all survivors then the hunter win- considering the distance that survivors have to travel (back and forth to retrieve and install all parts), probably 10 lives vs 5 parts would do it. 4) This mode can also be apply in the countryside albeit with a longer distance between each part and the center as survivors can use their buggies. It can be a big and powerful uv light that shines throughout the city, forcing the hunter to retreat or.. radio antenna that emits special sound wave that drive the hunter away for that night/ match.
  14. EnlightenMe

    I Suffer So Much When I Watch These Trailer

    Looking back at these trailers, no wonder why we were outraged (still are) when human seems to know our location all the times. These trailers are very deceptive- it's simply a false marketing strategy. Oh Techland.. u may excel at other stuff but not the marketing part i guess.. But wait guys, maybe we are wrong! Those humans in the trailers are playing for the first time- yup they select newbies to play in the trailer and they don't even know how to use survivor sense! That must be it! right? That's the only logical explanation of how ridiculous they looked in the trailer.. smh. What no? then my first point stands! Yeah about your idea Vektor_Noirsang (i just copy paste this), a new mode would be interesting. I'm tired of defending/ destroying the nest too. they need to think of something new. Maybe they have too scavenge few items throughout the map like parts for a giant uv light or something and bring them back to a center where they can be assemble to avoid the hunter destroying them or other survivors in the center. 10 lives, 10 parts.
  15. EnlightenMe

    Btz Fixes In The Next Patch

    Wth no. 3? Lol whose buggy was stolen by the hunter? Can it drive too? Lmao Anyway, thanks for the update Pete.