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    Maybe I'm just pissed and need to vent. But I think I'm going to quit this game all together. There are way to many exploits that people take advantage of online. Are their more children that play this game then mature adults? Some of you people need to watch this,
  2. Chrimera77

    What's Up With The Night Hunter?

    Oh and I forgot to mention the ungodly long range on the UV light. If there is more then one person in the game. The night hunter can't even get close.
  3. Chrimera77

    What's Up With The Night Hunter?

    What's up with the Night Hunter? I just played a game against a single High Level Human and there was almost nothing I could do against him. At some point in the game I was just making him work for it. First off all, when I manage to get close enough to pounce he interrupts, fair enough. I don't expect it to be easy. But the few times that I did get the drop on him, the game just wouldn't let me use pounce! AT one point he was just hanging from a ledge. I was looking right at him and the game would not let me pounce. Is it because my stamina is low? I wasn't being hit by any kind of UV light. Second, every time I stuck him with a spit he just pulled out his shield and the spit had no effect. This is an obvious exploit. Third when he is attacking my hives he's surrounded by an enormous amount of flares. Whenever I try to do a UV Block/tackle he just evades it. Whenever I do manage to tackle him, again the game just won't let me use my pounce. I only managed to kill this guy once by using all 4 of my spits using spit smash. Even then I got lucky because he wasn't able to get to high ground before one of my zombie horde exploded on him. At this point I'm just trying to level up my night hunter to unlock Toxic Spit. Maybe that might change things. I only need one more skill point to unlock it. But the Icing on the cake, I managed to level up in this match, and I didn't get a skill point. Like I said I don't expect it to be easy but something needs to be done. It seems like Night Hunter mode gives the players a reason to keep playing the game and hording crafting items at the end of the game. But why would anybody want to be a Night Hunter if all it is to the Human players, is a nuisance.
  4. Chrimera77

    I Feel Like The Hunted More Than The Hunter.

    I agree. As a low level night hunter I feel you're pretty over powered against low level humans. But a high level night hunter doesn't seem to stand a chance against high level humans. I can't figure out why the game won't let me pounce humans when I'm not being shined by UV light. Is it because I'm not at max stamina?