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  1. S_asha

    Mod Idea.

    i hope they make autoleveling and remake player skill system, i want skill system like dead island or diablo . i mean player cant have all skills in maximum lvl .
  2. S_asha

    Mod Idea.

    i think game should have zombies autoleveling like it was in dead island . because then weapon have 400 damage game gets too easy)
  3. S_asha

    Season Pass Problem.

    i have season pass but in game i dont have any outfits or blueprints.
  4. S_asha

    Crashing On Co-Op

    i have same problems i buy that game to play it coop only now i have to wait\find solution of this problem
  5. S_asha

    Coop Crash...

    saaame. with some people game crash and with some dont crash . i buy a game to coop with my friend but i instantly had crash when i join him or if he join me i had same crash
  6. S_asha

    Crash When Playing Co-Op ... [Pc]

    Same here . sometimes its freeze stranege with sound lag and i need reboot! i try even play in lan but it not helps at all
  7. S_asha

    Coop Problem.

    still crashes then i connect to friend . or then he join my game same crash report
  8. S_asha

    Coop Problem.

    when my friend join my game i get crash or pc freeze . and when i join his game i get same crash or freeze. he try to connect other people they had same crash . wtf?
  9. S_asha

    Wtf With Coop?

    when my friend connect my pc freeze and i need to reboot it or game crash. so what i should do? i want to play coop)
  10. S_asha

    Sli Is Broken

    so if its true about one 980 get 80fps i'm happy ) i have 780ti so i gonna have around 75fps)
  11. S_asha

    Sli Is Broken

    game is not out yet how do you know how is working sli?
  12. i recive my extra 4 dockets)
  13. S_asha

    Thoughts On Child Zombies?

    I remember good times when i can kill childs in fallout 2 it was fun)
  14. S_asha

    So Will Be There Midnight Release?

    chupacabra i can play only in 6pm. some time i hate my country and timzone.i'm from far east of russia(
  15. i'm just cant wait. want try it)