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  1. Mem-

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    A couple of games I managed to record properly from start to end Annoying when shadowplay cuts out half way thru a decent match!
  2. Mem-

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I believe you are the chickeninja I faced off with this morning. Was an awesome game. I am highly disappointed I didn't record it!! Some how managed to turn it off, not on when I joined. I can see where I turned it off prior to your game But thanks for being a good team! The four of you were quite formidable. Would of looked better if I had of pulled off a win though
  3. Mem-

    Thoughts On The New Dlc

    I honestly regret my decision to buy the Harran Ranger DLC. I was assuming the "headshot" ability would be more pronounced than the bozak bow. But honestly during an invasion. Ranger/Bozak same bloody weapon. One shot kills the big guys same as Bozak bow. Honestly I think this is a lazy way for techland to give everyone the bozak bow with all the cool arrows. Some of us busted our asses to get cool exclusive gear, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. There has been some talk about the DLC's being a way for techland to fund the next part, but in all honesty I paid $100 for a game and a season pass when there was no season pass. I am sure people are willing to pony up some money to pre-order some more story line rather than create so much angst with its die hards.
  4. Mem-

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I play quite a bit with SMC when he gets his chupacabra online and I would have to agree with him. New night hunters expect to be able to play exactly like the survivor. This is simply not true. So many tactics available and none of them use them. Pounce and spit? Ground pound and run? Claw and run? My new favorite is the UV block and pounce. This is good against low to mid level survivors and if the ultimate's are around it will catch them off guard when you are a low level hunter as they don't expect it. Here is a vid I posted on the previous page in case you missed it. But here I am a low level hunter against a Level 16 Legend leveled player. He should of known better.
  5. Mem-

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Here are my first attempts at video editing BTZ games: Hope you enjoy them.
  6. Looks like you are in the same boat. Seems to be quite random who its hit and who it hasnt. I know some that got the DLC at the start like I did all in one that are in. Some that bought them separately and cant get in either. This release was no surprise. It should of been sorted.....
  7. I bought the whole lot season pass and all when it first came out! I am not sure what the hell is wrong with this scenario. I fresh installed today. Mine says season pass not isntalled. However I do have the following installed. Maybe try unticking the following and see if it will redownload for u. I cant believe after such a long wait they still managed to chupacabra it up.
  8. I have purchased Dying Light and the season pass and I have downloaded all the content that they have said is available. But I cant joint he following. The letters are all black in game..... I have bought this and I cant play. WHAT THE!!!