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  1. Speedmaniac2

    New Dlc

    Fixed. Did it mention challenges or a story like Bozak Horde? No, it mentioned some small content like a buggy skin, a weapon and an outfit. You missed the part in its description where it said you need The Following to use this - how am I (a vanilla player) going to use the buggy skin if The Following's assets such as the Countryside or the buggy aren't installed on my machine? It's just going to be some small fix of content people, nothing really worth getting excited about in my opinion.
  2. Speedmaniac2

    Team Noob Hacking On Vac Secure Game!

    Love how the cheaters have the audacity to accuse you of being a hacker!
  3. Speedmaniac2

    Bozak Bow Vs The Following Bow

    The wooden bow only has 1 socket, and so even a King upgrade doesn't really change anything (I'll need to put a lot of points into the bow damage part of the legendary skill tree for it to be very effective). The auto aim is really aggravating as it has a massive lock on to either the head or chest. I can spam at Rais' bandits around the neck or way over and it hits the dome (not rewarding me for aiming properly) whilst when I tried to hunt a bolter feeding, it either aimed for the chest and plummeted to the ground, missing the bolter, or flew to the opposite side of the bolter if I aimed a little higher.
  4. Speedmaniac2

    I Suffer So Much When I Watch These Trailer

    I found this old gameplay video which featured the Night Hunter and I gotta say the old pounce animation was brutal: the hunter RIPS OUT your HEART! You can see it at 6:47 and 6:57.
  5. Speedmaniac2

    Bozak Bow Vs The Following Bow

    That wooden bow is part of the Enhanced Edition - I as a vanilla player can use it, and it is VERY weak. The arrows have a short arc and auto aim to the chest despite whether you disable the auto aim in the options menu, and it still takes a lot of arrows to the head to kill a zombie.I've heard that the Bozak Bow and Crossbow are better than it in every regard.
  6. Sorry to be a killjoy, but it's most likely a dev's placeholder decal that they forgot to change. Placeholder textures and models are frequently used like this to layout the map before adding the details. Not sure about the volatile wanted system popping up though.
  7. Speedmaniac2

    Invincible Nighthunter

    Hurray! Someone mentions my discussion/video. I reported the guy but I doubt he got banned. Since then I haven't had any more cheating Night Hunters, but there have still been plenty of survivors exploiting/duping items. Despite so, there still needs to be an anticheat system in this mode as once any side starts cheating the match just has its fun sucked out.
  8. Speedmaniac2

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    This happened. Thanks matchmaking!