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  1. extremez


    Wich Plattform you playing in rex? If you are in Xbox i Name you a Team you never beat guarented!! Of course it is able to beat some noobys vor average guys.
  2. Why are humans able to execute you in the Water but you can not pounce Them thats kurczak. You can take 3 times drop kick and die plus its not dodgeable. But when you ground pound or tackle a human 3 times they wont die and its so easy to Dodge these attacks. Make it dodgeable for both sides i mean Wtf. Lets get to the shield. Even if you put some spit on them and they pull the shield out it wont do anything why? There is a glitch where you can have the swing speed of an machete with a two handed high damage weapon. People camp inside glitches its so annoying. The most annoying thing is that duplication glitch almost every one that goes for night hunters has unlimited med kits, flares, night hunter booster and so on. This game is really on survivor based. Now to the humans. I played alot as human and there is also some BS. Sometimes hunter is able to pounce you right next to a flare, or gets UV light straight to the face and is still able to pounce. If you lag your connection up AS host via net tools you can teleport around the map(thats what it looks like on other players screen) almost impossible to kill someone who is doing that. I already destroyed a controller because od this game and was so close to throwin my TV out of the window xD i broke the disc od dying light and wont play this ever again. chupacabra i want to smack someone to the face so Bad right now.
  3. extremez

    Ng + Resets Everything?

    It dies reset your survivor rank. I was q challenger. Starter New game plus on hard. After i finished the campaign and went to play btz my ranks was reset, as zombie and human!
  4. extremez

    Daily Night Hunter Activities

    He was with his back to you sliced just some air and you still take damage
  5. extremez

    What Are We Playing For?

    Its the same thing in every tame i guess. So lets say when you play cod and are max level Prestige, the game gets boring to you? You maybe should Start hunting gamerscore vor trophys. But they could do some other gametypes or special weekend events just for the hunter. I dont know what you want to improve here, like 10 mutations vor something? its just all for the satisfaction if you kill with style IMO.
  6. extremez


    Have you played it? Is it balanced vor the same BS?
  7. extremez

    What Are We Playing For?

    For fun maybe? But to me its not fun, Mord like frustrating.
  8. extremez


    Hi guys im New here. Let me introduce myself first my Name is nik and i am 22 years old a russian guy living in germany so excuse my maybe Bad grammer^^ So my question is are you guys able to beat a really good Team of 4? For me it is impossible. They talk about who uses UV light always only 2 people the other two use it when its gone from the ones who uses it first. Same with flares. It is impossible to beat a pro Team of 4. i always play the same guys no matter wird CH tactic i use i can not separate them. Are you able to beat a 4v1 against all 4 ultimate survivors i have no Chance. Im not the hunter im beeing hunted by them with grappling hooks it is really frustrating, im already thinking about selling this game and moving in.