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  1. Hammerhorde

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    After the update I tried to killing some raiders around a drop with my shotgun and each one took like 4 blasts to the torso to kill at a 5 foot distance. You don`t know how disheartening it is to shoot someone point blank with the most powerful close quarters weapon ever created and see them stagger to get their balance after every hit. That was with an 8k damage shotgun. Now that I changed the skills back to the damage they used to be , the same raiders only take 1-2 shots to kill. Which I am a lot more happy with.
  2. Hammerhorde

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I understand that balance is an issue. but in a game where you use melee weapons 99% of the time, when you do switch to a gun it should be laying down righteous holy death, and they don`t. You can restore the legend tree back to what it was like I have done but I only play in sp games. You would need to play with friends who modify the same files. A crossbow bolt to the head of anything should kill it outright as well so I upped that as well. Something else to note. With a golden shotgun with the old legend skills, the blue night hunters were taking anywhere from 2-8 shots to kill with 34k damage shotgun. Now that the shotguns were reduced in damage they would take 2-3 x as many shots to kill but they still 2 shot you nonetheless. And on top of that the uv flashlight doesn`t keep them back, they still attack you when the light is on. They just keep cutting our balls off.
  3. Hammerhorde

    1St March Patch

    Smooth move TL. Now zombies are back to taking 10 shotgun blasts in the face to kill. Now I have to go into the files and fix everything again. Time to turn off autodates.
  4. Hammerhorde

    New Weapons

    They have a really nice looking machinegun in the files you can see in the toolkit but it has a stand attached to it. They could do animations for it and make it a carryable weapon later on if they wanted to. I do miss the snipers and bolt rifle from di and rt myself so I`d like to see those again in some form. More one handed blunt weapons please! Like hammers!
  5. Hammerhorde

    Problems With Current Difficulty Modes

    The virals are annoying, they just spawn out of nowhere. I put the view distance on high and I can actually see them appear not far away getting spawned on me. I killed a zombie near a van and a viral spawned two feet away. They should be mixed in with existing herds and roamers. Having them spawn out of nowhere is kind of a bad choice. It`s also a joke how they know exactly where you are everytime. They should be more the night hunters that patrol around and even those chupacabra things spawn out of nowhere too. It`s like impossible to clear to an area when mobs just keep coming and coming. Especially the hunters and virals. I used to think the virals were pretty cool at first and a nice touch. But after a number of them comparable to the population of a small country, it gets old. Hand grenads don`t ever outright kill them on nightmare. You need to lob like half a dozen!
  6. I think the whole satanic thing makes it more interesting. Anyway, that cult I was in in the 80`s used to sit around mumbling and sounded just like the volotiles. We didn`t have all the dead flesh though. Ahh, memories of better days! Yeah I forgot deep silver has di now. But that is ok. We can just get a black dude and call him Sam C and switch Logan to Rogan and nobody will be the wiser. And make the guy who did sams voice do rogan and rogan do sam `s voice. It will totally throw off anyone and they will have no idea that is affiliated with di in any way. Only inner circle elite like you and I will know the truth behind it all and we can sit back and chuckle while the world continues to turn unaware.
  7. But they are kneeling. they are kneeling tilting themselves back on their heels mumbling some evil speak that only the blackest of souls can understand. Not typical zombie behavior. That also doesn`t explain all the dead flesh being attached to them as if they are coming out of a cocoon of carrion. How could a chemical mutation do something like this? It didn`t happen to crane at the ending so my only logical explanation is black magic! In dead island there was the tribe who was all into voodoo and thought these undead were guardians who were angered. This is also a spinoff of the original outbreak from dead island as it spread I think. What we need are Sam B , Logan and the rest to show up and get Crane off his lazy chupacabra and show him how to get things done old school. Hell they could even say they took dna samples from Ryders corpse after he turned and combined it with fresh samples of existing elixir. then they could say that is the strain the mother took because Ryder evolved instead of devolved and the next step in evolution was the mother strain. That still doesn`t make up for the fact of the satanic volitiles canting for flesh of the living in their hives but I`m sure techland can think up something for an explanation.
  8. I am a little confused with the origins of the virus. The elixir in the water makes sense and all but when I go into a hive and see a vol kneeling in a pile of flesh mumbling some satanic chants, I start to wonder what is really going on here. I don`t think an elixir would cause that kind of behavior and leads me to believe there are darker forces at work here and we must find them and kill them.
  9. That is what I liked about it the most. Not every ending has a happy one. Was great, you could pick your own poison and at least you got to keep playing after the fact.
  10. Hammerhorde

    New Unannounced Content

    I can`t wait to see what else they do with the game! I would like to see some base building and defense like they did in riptide. I love the buggy so far and I think it would be awesome to be able to drive one of those army jeep looking vehicles too. Or building an armored bus like they did in dead island to transport survivors from one safe zone to another for escorts. More survival type quests that send you out to get supplies for safezones like food, water,fuel, ammo, and ect. I miss how in dead island you loaded gas cans and juice in your truck to bring back to your base. That kind of survival feeling through scavenging was an awesome way to integrate quests and I am disappointed that dying light doesn`t have that. A sniper version of the police rifle with a scope and silencer to compliment the crossbow for stealth kills. I could go on and on.
  11. I would rather them build onto the existing game instead of making a sequel. So much land that so much can be done with. The game runs great and it looks great, they could make dlc for years building upon it. Cool EE though, I`ll try finding it. Already have the button.
  12. Hammerhorde

    How Do You Get The New Gold Weapons?

    I have found 2 loco bats in singleplayer nightmare. Found both at the top of electric towers. Flags are usually up there too.
  13. Hammerhorde

    Volatile Hives, The Countryside

    Your buggy and inventory carry over into new games so you won`t lose anything. Just all the quests reset.
  14. Hammerhorde

    The Following Difficulty Bump Ruins The Game

    It does stink that the difficulty rises like that but once you max out a legendary weapon skill, it will feel a little more normal. I don`t like hitting zombies 6x with a gold rune god hammer and see them keep getting back up. I stuck with it though and around weapon lvl 15 or so they died a lot easier. If you imported a max character into the following and were one shotting everything with no danger then everyone would complain the game was too easy. This at least gives you something to work towards and you can always mod the files and tailor it custom to your personal taste.
  15. I nuked everyone. I thought the mother being a volatile was brilliant. I just wish they expanded on it a little more before making either choice. She could have had her own questline to teach you how to be more effective against them since they never seem to die no matter what you do to them. That is something they could dlc in later though if they liked the idea enough. All in all though I wasn`t expecting it to turn out like it did and I thought it was pretty cool. Now I am restarting in nightmare and I came to chew bubblegum and kick chupacabra and I`m all out of bubblegum!