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  1. DaniloC.Q

    Hey Techland

    Please update this game for 2 night hunters on match.. will be great a lot of fun. I think all players of this community will like this. Check this video.. its very fun and cool.
  2. DaniloC.Q

    Help Getting This "guide" And Group Removed.

    You discovered it now? This itens modded exists much time. Many people was using it. But disguised. Thats why this game is going down. The developers dont do nothing about hackers and cheaters. Many times i complained here about it and they come with VAC secure.. but this chupacabra dont work. VAC is useless.. i posted some videos here with people cheating on VAC secure. And they dont get banned. I reported but was in vain. And this game has option for no VAC secure. lol. Thats why i dont support the tournament that they were planning to do. This game dont have good security for cheaters. You can imagine this on tournament? lol. thats it.
  3. DaniloC.Q

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Many time no playing and these guys cheating.. lol. Arcane and Eskimo Dirka cheating.
  4. DaniloC.Q

    Hunter Bug Fixes And Balancing Suggestions

    Ninja maybe never played with hunter.. thats why he opened this topic. Only one thing i agree with ninja.. is about the telebombers.. its very unfair play. But some hunters and some survivors are more fast than anothers pro players because of the laaag. Not because of balancing game.
  5. DaniloC.Q

    Hey Guys

    Not only non-vac game.. he have cheated on VAC secure too.. i was playing on VAC secure when he begin cheats. And here is another video from another player.. showing bad karma's cheat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp4lKQM26Ho
  6. DaniloC.Q

    Hey Guys

    Thanks hank.. now the proof is here. And dont forget Bad Karma's profile steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167906710
  7. DaniloC.Q

    Hey Guys

    First of all i dont need proof he is cheater. Look his profile and you will see the coments about cheats. And i think more people saw this guy cheating. But i will record a video next time.
  8. DaniloC.Q

    Hey Guys

    Hey guys.. do you know? Bad Karma? This guy everyday crying on my steam profile and calling me a hack lol. I deleted his comments many times but he always put another comment on my profile.. my fan But he is a true hacker.. he with hacks infinite cammo.. super jump and infinite light UV and die on matches.. someone have same event of this guy? lol
  9. DaniloC.Q

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    I agree
  10. DaniloC.Q

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    I agree with you, i also never see anyone get banned by hacking on dying light. But with these videos here.. maybe will alert the people when this guy join. But i wanna to tell you guys.. always check the profile of your opposite before the match. I see many hackers now changing name for clear their dirty tracks for people not recognize. I believe maybe exists more hacks same that him.. example, infinite spits. Sometimes i see some hunters using so much spits and never recede one time for refill. This game is going down again by the hackers.
  11. DaniloC.Q

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    And another more from Mr.Kenneth on VAC secure.. recorded by STRYCK-X. He send to me for post here.
  12. DaniloC.Q

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Thank you pete!
  13. DaniloC.Q

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    Another video..
  14. DaniloC.Q

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I have same problem..
  15. DaniloC.Q

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    New compilation with great fights on dying light.. with Kills, Deaths, Defenses, Attacks, Crazy bugs and Team Work.