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    Flickering Textures

    Hello everyone. i have bin having this problem lately in where some textures flicker like the wood walls of the small fisherman buildings and some Vans apear to have a wood wall texture on the side of the car my specs. GPU: GTX 750 1gb (NO SLI) CPU: intel core i5 4460 3.2 Ghz RAM: 16G OS: windows 8 monitor: 1080p i have tried verifying the caghe using steam wich did not help any other suggestions?
  2. mr. arnold

    Report Player Page

    Hello. i was playing Be The Zombie today as the Zombie and i noticed 2 players were using UV light hacks. (purple bar) i wish to report samIen321 and Panzzzershrekc for using an UV duration hack (wich means they have unlimited UV light duration. i even have pictures to prove this in the links below. This was very anoying because they kept on lighting me up with the UV flashlight and there was no way for me to escape in because my energy level was turned 0 and i couldn't use my tendril locomotion. in the end i still won the match because there was 1 legit player using NO HACKS thats the only way i won if he did not join i would have lsot because of 2 hackers. Panzzzershrekc steam profile: samIen321 steam profile: Good day. -mr. arnold