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  1. iberaider

    Where Is The Early Access?

    Early access was estimated by the devs to be in fall, but the moment that date was announced it was subject to change. Even when it's early access and we expect bugs, devs don't want our first experience with the game to be a buggy mess of one. EA is coming, whether is be within the next two days or December or early next year, be patient. The devs are hard at work.
  2. iberaider

    Visible Legs

    I said the base. So where your shoulders start. The only game I know of that does this without modding is Dark Messiah
  3. iberaider

    Early Access

    No exact date man, just Fall. It may change to later in the year. I know for a fact that Killing Floor 2's EA was supposed to be in Fall but has been moved to 2015. When they release EA is just whenever the devs feel like the game is cohesive enough to show us. You don't want the first thing people play to be a buggy mess.
  4. iberaider

    Visible Legs

    If we're going for immersion, simply showing legs isn't very immersive. We want the full package. When I look down I wanna see everything from the base of the neck downwards.
  5. iberaider

    Just A Few Screenshots From A New Arena In The Works.

    The game is looking absolutely stunning. The lighting really nails the mood. Love the environments too, has a very grand scale to it.
  6. iberaider

    "founder's Program"? (Early Pre-Orders)

    Hellraid will be appearing on Steam Early Access some time this fall. So don't worry, you'll have your chance to throw money at them early.
  7. iberaider

    Hellraiders! A Demon To Name Awaits You!

    A 'Wrach' It means Witch in Welsh. It fits the type of enemy it is (a spellcaster) and when said aloud in either its Welsh pronunciation or mispronounced in English, it sounds like a raven or some other sort of unnerving looking bird.