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    For All The Complaining Survivors...

    For ALL the survivors out there saying, "NH is op", "NH needs to be nerfed", or "survivors should be buffed". DEAL WITH IT, you are just mad that you cant win matches as easily anymore, and demand compensation. Too bad, the truth is: the humans are op. They avoid every one of the NH attacks with ease and dont get penalized for missing your own attacks unlike the NH who (if in a certain space) dies instantly if its a miss. The humans can do pretty much anything the NH can with the exception of spits. If your complaining about this, then 3 words: "learn the game."
  2. HighlandElm37


    Im sitting here sighing on my bed, they were MINIMAL BUFFS!!! (Before i go on a rage) im glad they nerfed one of two things that needed downgrading, the one that didnt get nerfed being the survivor sense spam, but still now at least its manageable to get around the uv lights. Now for my rage... NO! WHY? BECAUSE THESE BUFFS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO POINTLESS!!! Now, the uv resistance is, meh. But when you have 4 players constantly rushing and uv spamming, it really is useless. They just... Ew, its ugly. The spam is REAL! Also, what in the flying f**k do i need explosion resistance for? If you were a good player you wouldnt get hit by exploding arrows (they are much more easy to dodge than you think) and you would BE AWARE OF THE F**KIN BARRELS LOCATION AND BLAST RADIUS!!! Last thing, the flare drop cost. Most of the time, im up against good players in 1-2v1 who only use flares if they are cornered and trapped, they are till hard as an erection to defeat. As for spammers, easy solution from before this "balance patch": ask one of your friends to let you kill them repeatedly for infinite NH xp so you can mutate and kick chupacabra with the many more spits that can get past flares. Do you agree with me? If so or not, reply (also check out my topic 5 reasons how BTZ imbalanced and how it can be fixed).
  3. HighlandElm37

    5 Reasons How Btz Is Imbalanced And How It Can Be Fixed

    ---UPDATE--- devs need to make it playable the way it was advertised to be: 1-4 survivors traversing the night must stay alive only to be targeted by the most "stealthy", "powerful", and most evolved form of zombie Harran has ever seen. We are supposed to be this super zombie that players should fear when we invade their games with an arsenal of abilities they dont have, not the skyrim skeleton of dying light. Tendril=grappling hook, spit=gun/bow, howl=SS
  4. Be the zombie is heavily unbalanced, almost to the point where you rage so hard you throw your controller across the room and never play again. Here is a list on what is wrong and how it can be fixed #1:Death penalty, most of the time we miss tackles or a pounce and we pay for it with our lives, if we miss we instantly get struck by players only to die seconds later and lose a nest. Fix this by allowing hunters to recover much faster than what we do now, which brings me to my second problem #2:Why does it take 15 seconds to respawn? I have lost so many nests all because i died once. Fix this by decreasing respawn timers. #3:Battery efficient flashlights, seriously. Why do UV lights have a 50 meter reach? Why do they have a seemingly infinite use? Because of this, its almost impossible to get close to humans in game. Fix this by NERFING the UV lights to a reach of shotgun range and a use of 15 seconds. BTZ only of course #4:NERF THE SURVIVOR SENSE!!!! It kills the mood of the game and the fact of you being a stealthy night hunter is eradicated. This is a primary reason why all players get wrecked in BTZ, the survivor sense reveals your location exactly and prevents you from doing virtually nothing. Fix this by nerfing the survivor sense to a certain criteria, such as instead of revealing your exact location, it would create a "sound ping" that would appear as a ripple on the survivors mini-map. Specific for BTZ, give it a reasonable cooldown so it isnt spammed. #5:Disconnect penalty. I dont understand. It takes forever finding a game to invade, then when you do join (and are somehow winning) the player/s leave, resulting in a game over. You get no xp or reward of anykind, please techland, dont waste my time with those kind of players who spend 10 minutes of the game sitting in the tower. Fix this by giving us SOMETHING when players leave the game! Also, Heres a list of what i would like to see in BTZ: 1- tendril power attacks, maybe add these as a new mutation reward. These would be really helpful against flare spammers. 2- listening on players through in-game chat if your within distance would be a nice touch and more realistic. 3- picking up exploding barrels would be epic and life saving. 4- to the game overall is more pvp modes, i would love survivor vs survivor like in bozak horde.