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    Btz Unbalanced Again

    Same, just gotta know your limits, if you suck dont attack groups of 4. then complain about how op they are to the point the devs actually change so theyd stop bitching
  2. Hitlarious Hebrew

    Btz Unbalanced Again

    I still win 9/10 games at least.
  3. Hitlarious Hebrew

    Btz Unbalanced Again

    BTZ matches are now a lot harder for the humans to win, I consider myself a fairly experienced Survivor. I have gold tier weapons, fully modded. But non of that matters due to the drastic handicap in favor of the Night Hunter that was recently administered. I believe that if the devs were going to make the energy regen and spit regen faster plus UV resistance, dont make my tools for survival weaker! I don't care if they make the NH stronger I just dk t think they should make me weaker. Now any hunter with any basic understanding of the controls pose a serious threat to me and my fairly high ranked friend. Also keep in mind you are making it easier for the INVADERS to murder Crane.
  4. Hitlarious Hebrew

    Kyle Crane's Lame Dialogue When You Kill The Night Hunter

    Obviously, ive only ever had dfa used on me twice. both times i wasnt moving at all
  5. Hitlarious Hebrew

    When Will U Take Away Human Aborts?

    Abort is there so humans who get involuntarily or something have a way to drop out without effecting their rank. Night Hunters abort near loss too.
  6. Hitlarious Hebrew


    forgot death from above but you can jump tackle which does chupacabra damage and thrown weapons are hard as chupacabra to hit in the first place, the hunter has to be standing super still
  7. Hitlarious Hebrew


    The only human non dodge able attack is the dropkick which he suggested they make dodge-able
  8. Hitlarious Hebrew

    Is "be The Zombie" Being Balanced?

    Pro tip: dont invade if you cant fight. I don't have a problem fighting humans cause I do not suck.