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  1. DyingLightIsAmazing

    Members Vote - [Should Techland Add Antizin In Airdrops?]

    I think that Techland should give us an update that makes antizen appear in all airdrops and be used as a way to level up your survivor skill in a similar fashion to the disaster relief supplies (Although however if they did bring in this idea it should be a hard decision, about should you keep the citizens of the tower alive with your antizen and get a nice reward for it, or should you keep it for yourself so you may survive another day?) Although I agree that there should be a infection rate, I believe that it should be either a choice, because you've got to remember some people play easy mode just so they can bash in zombie heads, and not running as fast as they can to a airdrop, so maybe it should just be implemented in hard mode or once again, through a option when you create a new game. But if they do bring these ideas into the game, they will HAVE to bring back the airdrops after you finish the game, seriously who else loved chasing after the airdrops... And if they did bring it back I hope that they would replace the supply drop caches in the Old Town that the bandits guard (Or infected, in some cases) with the location the drop falls at. Good night and good luck to all those reading this!
  2. DyingLightIsAmazing

    Adding Antizin To Airdrops Via Dying Light

    I can only hope that there will one day be an update to add all these ideas, just imagine how amazing the gameplay would be.