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  1. SomeOldDude

    Still Getting Pounced Through Objects

    Same with getting DFAed around corners or DKed when I'm already past the human. It's just a thing.
  2. SomeOldDude

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    ...and I got a video that proves the NH can being jumping over the human and the human and still get the DK. Also, the initiation of a GP takes longer than the initiation of a DK. I've lost many a DK chain because the GP always lost out no matter fast I tried to get it off. Nice! I'm not having any more problems in the countryside than anywhere else, either.
  3. SomeOldDude

    Problem Sliding.

    I'm on the PC. Recently I tried turning off the toggle for crouching so I have to hold the key to stay down. I don't really do a lot of sliding in The Following and because the zombies are tougher it gave me the opportunity to crouch and cut the legs of the zombies so I can then quickly get away without them following so quickly. Works pretty good as I can then go back and dispatch them at a more leisurely pace. However, trying to do one of the bounties where you have to slide-kick a bunch of zombies I've found that I simply can't do it. It will simply drop from a run and starting walking in a crouch. I turned the toggle back on and it is working as before. Anyone else run into this issue?
  4. I've not been able to accurately figure out the points for Legends Levels. I see I can jump and gain some points. Do stuff, get points. The question is are the points for the Legend Levels the same points that I would have been getting the other skill trees: survival, agility and power? Do I get the same points for Legend if I do the bounties as it shows for the Agility, for instance? If it's a one to one ratio, then why didn't we get the points for the building the character we already have? I.e., all points added up and added to Legends to bring the character's Legend level in line of what his accumulated other skills are? Just curious.
  5. SomeOldDude

    Bug: Hunter Has 0 Hp

    I've been at zero health and not died. I think it's a bug for alive at zero and dead at less than zero. I've also seen the health bar go down and then go down again within a second. I figure I was getting killed with more than twice the HP and it registers the hits before registering the death. Weird.
  6. After a few failed tries at the ending I peeked at the spoilers for the endings. I then had forethought going in speaking with Mother. I choose to fight her. However, I'm confused. The military was supposed to have both quarantined the city and created the virus? The blue mist is the virus and depending on how concentrated it is depends on how much you turn? Normal zombies, biters, are only those that have been bitten? Volatiles are those that, what, grown or drink the blue liquid? Where was the GRE and their pursuit of the secrets of the outbreak during the following. They were willing to sacrifice nearly anything to get the secret files yet here was the source. But we heard not a peep from the GRE. I didn't nuke the city--for the storyline--as it would have proven all the effort to this point, all the lives sacrificed and saved, was for nothing. Ab. So. Lutely. Nothing. In fact, I'm kind of thinking this is the wrong avenue simply because so many in the real world struggle with thoughts of suicide and because Kyle Crane, the super hero of this story, chose to end it all, maybe they're feeling better about doing the same. Not cool. I chose to fight. But what is the ending? Is it a dream or did Crane find a way out of the quarantined zone to spread the virus to the rest of the world? It appeared he was becoming like The Mother. Having his wits during the day, but still grotesque. And even though he didn't have the hands of a NH, he certainly screamed like one. ...if that was him screaming as it faded to black. All in all, while it was a much better boss fight at the end--thank you for that--I was disappointed with the ending. I liked that there was a choice, but neither choice was a good one. Even going along with the basic story line, Kyle could have left a vial hidden near the northeastern tunnel and sent a message to Lena to have it retrieved as a last ditch fail safe. Or even sent them with someone like the theatrical release ending of "I Am Legend." Remember, he had those three vials. He could have ran with those to get them to Camden. Probably would have been the prudent thing to do. So,now I'm simply going around exploring and gathering things. Anyone using "The Button" to get themselves out of harrowing situations? I'm now calling it "My Bailout Button!" Like set the charges in the central hive and bailout!
  7. SomeOldDude

    Gp In Water

    Yeah, GP doesn't work in water.
  8. SomeOldDude

    Hacker In Vac Secure Game

    I encountered someone like this before. He was using a trainer. I don't think developers can do anything about a trainer except maybe watch for abnormalities and then punish the player. Nothing you can do really.
  9. SomeOldDude

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    What about the buggy flip? If there's not anything to get in the way it seems to always land on its wheels. I finally was able to land a GP on a buggy at full speed, it just did a barrel roll and kept going. He then beat me to the nest. Being able to flip it on its top to slow down the humans from getting to the nests would be a good thing, I'd think. Allow the NH to pick his battle ground. Is it taking any damage? It'd be nice to be able to do damage to the buggy so it's less in play during the match. Flatten the tires, rip off the UV lights, etc. Make the humans fight the NH right then and there. If either gets killed then the human can repair the buggy and continue. Yes, I GP the buggy to get it away from the nests so they can't use it as a portable safehouse.
  10. SomeOldDude

    Join The Nh Strike

    I thought you could only do a GP from a height like a DFA. I know I've been DFAed from flat ground and come to think about it, if memory serves, it was right after a dodged tackle.
  11. SomeOldDude

    Night Hunter Health

    Well, the NH is supposed to be feared. I would think there should be a bit of the known when fighting a NH. Right now, it doesn't matter what level of NH you're fighting, if you get only two swings with a regular melee weapon before he gets away, then simply switch to a rifle and start blasting away as one hit will bring him down. (With no chance to summoning virals.) Right now--or at least before patch--two swings from a regular melee weapon dealt 142 points of damage. This meant that a NH had to be at full health to be in close or risk those two-hit deaths. Mutating up should make a NH stronger as the extra spits aren't really worth it. I rarely use toxic or suppressor spits. Both have their place, but neither are really worth it as they are trivially countered. Toxic spits are good for killing a KOed human and the suppressor is only good if you can get all of the humans and the area is tight quarters. Otherwise, the standbys are the main weapons. If the NH is going to be a glass cannon then it needs to be a glass canon: a powerful offense and weak defense. The problem with the way the NH's glass canon approach is implemented, IMHO, is the powerful attacks put you in a defenseless position. The only long range weapons of the NH are easily countered. You have to be in close to effectively deploy them. As you mutate up while the player behind the NH gets better, the character of the NH should also become more robust. Additional resistance to attacks would be very welcome. To make the game more interesting and prevent the formulaic game play if there were a NH version of the legends levels then a player could tailor his NH to his style of game play. Given a set number of "points" one could put more points in either agility, power, speed, armor, stealth, etc. Then a human player couldn't use the same attack on all NH's in a particular situation. Some players may choose to move the spits to all UV blocks, some might move damage from tackles to swipes. Maybe even forgo a GP skill to reduce the pounce reaction times. Trade ground agility for tendril speed. The combinations go on and on. It could work like the skill tree, but you only get so many points to apply. The game would be much more fluid and unpredictable.
  12. SomeOldDude

    Advice On Dropkick Cyclers & Pole Campers?

    The hit box is way too big and the magnetism is far too strong. See the video below. The issue is the human can recover from a successful hit, sprint, and initiate the next drop kick before the NH can get up and get away. It doesn't matter which way you're moving. The first one comes from the absolutely no recovery time the human has from interrupting a pounce. The next two the hit comes from the NH already being behind the human when the drop kick happens--watch the positional arrows in mini map. Once the drop kick locks on there is nothing you can do to stop it--unlike a pounce. While the NH has a similar chain, the GP, it harder to chain GPs if you upgraded the GP and are in the open. You have to be able to GP a human into an object so you can initiate it again right away otherwise you have to chase him down and then gives him time to start dodge spamming. Also, it only takes three DPs to kill a NH while it takes 5 GPs to kill a human. But he has the opportunity to hit you as you're on the way down and the option to heal during all of this. It's nearly impossible to GP-chain kill an experienced player. The way I generally deal with a DP chaining player is to punish him with a spit. He's committed so make it an active spit like a horde spit. A UV spit will be worn off before you get back and the toxic is worthless in this case. A suppressor spit will last for a little help, too.
  13. SomeOldDude

    Night Hunter Health

    You'd think a maxed out Mutant 3 Level 60 NH would have more HP than a Mutant 0 Level 1 wouldn't you? The new quicker UV heal is nice, but getting hit three times in a half a second doesn't make that very useful.
  14. The buffs from the NH side is faster spawns and faster spit regeneration. I'm not good enough to see the nerfs. If a NH is getting buffed, then I'm not seeing the corresponding nerf on the part of the human. I'm still getting insta-two shotted while in missed pounce animation.
  15. SomeOldDude

    Invincible Demolishers?

    As the title says, I've come across at least two Demolishers that I couldn't kill. Most, if I'm careful to shot them in the face, are killed relatively easily. But I've come across two, in different portions of the countryside, that I've emptied several magazines and multiple arrows and bolts without even knocking off any armor. I'm on a PC. Thought you should know, Techland.
  16. SomeOldDude

    You Messed Up.

    You'd think you'd be able to pounce. You'd also think GPing the vehicle would damage them, too.
  17. SomeOldDude

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I'm still getting killed while in pounce animation. I thought that was supposed to go away or be reduced? Literally, full health, pounce, die. Apparently, his buddies aren't affected by pounce knockback or something. Weird. A lot of players are 250 level legends, OHK nests with a pistol, etc. I can see maxed out buggies as all you have to do is mow down the fields of zombie to level up driver skills, but I'm still level 5 or 6 legend. Can't damage a human in his upside down buggy? I didn't have time to really explore this as his friend was coming to the rescue, but I'm thinking that should have been an easy kill. This is from just a few days the update has been out. What else are folks going to discover to exploit?
  18. SomeOldDude

    You Messed Up.

    Why can't we pounce a human in a buggy? I've tossed a buggy with the human still inside. He just stayed there. Nothing I could do. I couldn't stay long because his friend was on me. But as soon as I left he got out. Also, the buggies seem to always land on their wheels. My first successful GP on a buggy at full speed just caused him to do a barrel roll and keep going. Other than that, I'm digging the countryside. The nesting spots so far, though fairly open, still give me enough cover to operate. It's a different style of play, though.
  19. SomeOldDude

    Wall Hang: Exploit Or Intentional?

    IF I'm reading everything correctly, the OP is attempting a pounce on a human in a situation that should be an easy kill. However, the human's player has discovered an automatic interrupt by hanging from a ledge and holding down the UV button. While in this state the UV light does not drain AND the pounce is automatically interrupted without any further input from the human's player even if he is still staring at the wall. Pete is saying that may seem the human is looking at the wall, but is already looking at the NH. This doesn't consider the non-draining UV light. The OP had a friend play the human and confirmed the move. Personally, I'd like to see video. I haven't been able to play much since the update, but what I have played I'm really liking. I habitually record all matches, so if I come across this I can post it.
  20. SomeOldDude

    Hax 4 Dayz

    When one nest was destroyed the next nest's health instantly dropped to near zero. Then one nest was destroyed without the human being near it. The last two nests were destroyed nearly at the same time.
  21. Whether it the nests can be OHKed in BtZ isn't really the question. It's whether survivor can be at one nest site, kill the NH, travel to the nest nest site, and destroy the nest site before the NH can respawn and get on scene. Skilled players have been able to do that for a while which meant a kill on a NH meant a destroyed nest.
  22. SomeOldDude

    No New Skills Or Mutations In Btz Post Following

    I believe this is supposed to not be the case. If I'm understanding the list of improvements, you're not supposed to take damage while stuck in animation.
  23. Yes, I agree. Fantastic job! The experience is richer. The variety of side missions is almost overwhelming. My one complaint? Steering of the buggy. Is there a way to use the mouse for proportional steering? The tap-tap-tap of the accelerator and the steering is a little annoying considering as soon as your mission takes you to the edge of the map the head farmer wants you back at the farm for some reason. Oh, and just let me guess who the developers are wanting the males to get invested in on this map? Little Miss Green Eyes.
  24. SomeOldDude

    No New Skills Or Mutations In Btz Post Following

    The tendril to sprint is a good perk. It caught me off guard and I flew right off the building I was trying to land on. I haven't played a match, yet. I've been concentrating on the campaign. The new animations are great. The heads go spinning in the air. Nice new NPC models, too!
  25. SomeOldDude

    What Time Exactly Does The Following Come Out?

    I"ve been playing around with the Steam console. If you go to your library and right click Dying Light, then go down to properties, click that. On the dialog opens, click on the Updates tab. I've set mine to "High Priority" I'm off to bed and I'm hoping the DLC and everything to will be downloaded when I get up. Fingers crossed.