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  1. SomeOldDude

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    I like how the movements were like the player model most of the time. Even down to the slowed down swing of a fatal hit that I see all of the time when I die as a NH. IT's like he used the texture of a NH and put it on a human, and then put in the role of a NH.
  2. SomeOldDude

    Skins Rewards Are Killing The Comunity.

    I got excited when I heard about the event, but then saw the reward and "pfft!" Didn't play at all, all weekend. You want people to play? Like those above have said, make unique weapons that only those who participated can use. I'd have waded through 100 volatiles for a chainsaw. Other ideas include a larger backpack, weapons mods like faster cyclical rates, heavy weapons like a 50 cal (though I don't know you need one with that golden shotgun), night vision goggles, working binoculars, scoped rifles, silencers, phosphorous grenades, upgraded car traps, etc. But more importantly than any upgraded weapons: more campaigns. How hard would it be to create more campaigns in the maps we have now? Not bounties or challenges, but places to explore and things to find, people to save or help. I haven't played with the developer tools much, but if anyone could go in and make a mini campaign that would be cool. Then the developers could vet it and make a weekend challenge of it. Just a thought.
  3. SomeOldDude

    Plane Audio

    I have a problem with it, too. Many times the plane is really too low to see from the ground due obstructions. I usually wait until the alert pops off then check the map to see how close it is and mark it.
  4. SomeOldDude

    Shaking Train Car In The Following

    I think it's to scare you. It sounds, to me, like a demolisher inside. I've not found a way in myself.
  5. SomeOldDude

    Improving The Ranking System For Nh's

    I can see a ranking based boost. A lot of folks have wondered why the NH didn't get boosts each time it mutated. I mentioned a way to modify a NH in that you have a certain limited number of points to apply to different abilities. For instance, you can stack points of the distance you can pounce, speed at which you can recover from a missed GP, speed at which you can recover health, etc. Right now, all NH move just about the same, especially the higher ranked ones. Human know how fast they can run, recover, spit, jump, etc. They base their game play attacks on this. However, if all the NH were a little bit different, then it would be harder to QTE a kill on a NH in certain situations. It would be a completely different game if one match you faced a tank of a NH who tendrils relatively slow and has little to no pounce, but has a super fast and powerful swipe, and can move on the ground like lightening. The next one can pounce from a good distance and has almost no interrupt window, and sniper you with spits, but is easily killed in CQC if you can get in close, that is. This way all NH can tailor their play style to something that fits them and not the idea the developers came up with.
  6. SomeOldDude

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Just to let ya'll know: I'm enjoying the videos! Keep'em coming!
  7. SomeOldDude

    Idea For New Gameplay Recording System.

    I really think people don't know how cool this is. I mean watching good play from multiple angles... Awesome.
  8. SomeOldDude

    Idea For New Gameplay Recording System.

    Yes, please. ...with tools to trim so the viewer doesn't have to sit through unless boring parts and a scubber on the player to fast forward, rewind, and slo-mo.
  9. SomeOldDude

    Ground Pound Beating Dropkick? Barely.....

    Some of those missed GPs aren't lag. That was simply failure in the game mechanics. If a survivor is on a slightly different level or separated by an object in the software mind world of the game--which isn't the same as the real world it's trying to portray--then the GP doesn't work. It seems to me the GP should affect humans the same as the GP by a goon or the rock throw of a demolisher. A GP directly on a human should count as a hit, as well, just like a goon hitting you with his rebar. Also, GP does not work at all in any water that is deep enough to swim in. It simply is canceled--which is better than it counting as a miss in shallow water, I suppose.
  10. SomeOldDude

    Ground Pound Beating Dropkick? Barely.....

    It's nearly impossible to tackle good humans, but if they're trying to DK you there's a chance of it working. It's hard to get a feeling of style of play with only one match, but mixing up attacks keeps them guessing.
  11. SomeOldDude

    Ground Pound Beating Dropkick? Barely.....

    Even though everyone claims a GP will beat a DK, the truth of the matter is you have to be a soothsayer to know if the player is going to move forward into GP range before you initiate it. Of all of the encounters I've had I don't remember any time when a DK was initiated and I was able to GP him. Tackle, yes. GP, no. So, many times I've watched player start moving towards me and I immediately GP, but they always win. Some will stand off just a little bit and feint towards me in an attempt to get me to GP. But, by the time they stop I've had to make that decision to GP or not. So, they feint a couple of times and then do it for real. I always get DKed. If they want to go toe-to-toe, and you can, go for the tackle. Just watch for the spikes! The solution is never be in that position as you will never win unless you get lucky. I've taken to doing a lot of jumping and tendrilling around, dropping a spit at the appropriate times, and only aerial GPing when the player is not looking or is cornered. I'll even mix that up with just landing, giving a swipe, and/or spit and getting out of there. My swipe is my go-to attack right now. The problem is with multiple players as you have to stick around and give 3 extra swipes or use a toxic spit on the KOed human. It's okay to leave the KOed human in place if you have the spits and UV block to fight the other player using the KOed human as bait. If you're out, though, it's a battle.
  12. SomeOldDude

    Cheater Caught On Tape

    Video example of a "no load" crossbow. First and only one I've encountered. It took a little bit to figure out how to counter it, but it was too late to win. It's pretty effective against the nests, too.
  13. SomeOldDude

    To Pete

    I would like to see different monster types to play in PVP. in 1v4 keep the same NH, but like mentioned previously a souped up demolisher (Hulk) would be nice. Relatively much slower moving than a NH, but super hard to kill and powerful. Can climb buildings, jump great distances, and GP so hard that players take damage at a further distance, through obstacles and on different levels. Can pick up items and throw them like canisters, cars, and as always tear up asphalt and throw it. You can turn one of the little screamers into a spider monkey like creature that is super quick and can summon other zombies at will--no spits. Still has the disorienting scream. Can climb walls and jump good distances to get around. Its melee attack is jumping on the back of a player to claw and bite around his face and neck. I've thought about invading a game unannounced as a viral or new type of zombie. It would kind of be like how the agents moved from body to body in the Matrix. In game, the zombie isn't that powerful, no more powerful than any other zombie, but also doesn't show up in survivor sense or on the mini map. You could also occupy one of the thugs men's bodies, or the wandering residents that attack you for the antizin. This is less for a PvP match than it is as a way to increase the difficulty of the campaign player--NNPC if you will. I guess it could be twisted into a non-player character actually helping a player character without using their own Kyle Crane. It's not that out of the ordinary as I've been playing NH before and a player jumped in and started helping me as a human! I would like to see a way to record matches, or any game play, as an in-game replayable file. I forget which game used to do that, but it was interesting to be able to replay the game and move around in the space to watch it third person. While I enjoy watching videos of matches, being able to watch third person would be AWESOME!
  14. SomeOldDude

    The Latest Patch Issues

    Has anyone else noticed key strokes not being recognized? I thought this was supposed to be fixed, but I'm seeing a lot of missed spits during the heat of a skirmish. I verify the key stroke visually both finger on the key and the spit being available. Happens a lot. I had the same or similar issue before the update. Spits not going off and GPs not pounding. Also, after getting drop kicked I can't always tendril right away. I can get up and start running before the tendril is available. Normal?
  15. SomeOldDude

    Cheater Caught On Tape

    i just lost to a kid with a no-reload crossbow. He didn't have much skill and I got a few lazy pounces, but it's no match for a machine gun crossbow. On a PC, BTW. There was some other things that appeared off, but I'm waiting on my next match. ...and waiting...