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  1. shaydykillar

    Be The Zombie Mode Inaccessible

    I should of mentioned that I have already completed the main quests. Thank you for your help but I will just reinstall the game overnight. I have gave a positive rating to your reply as other people will find this helpful. Thank you again.
  2. shaydykillar

    Be The Zombie Mode Inaccessible

    When I am at the start of the main menu 'Be the Zombie' option isn't showing up. When I first got the game (Pre Ordered) it would show up but I didn't play it and because I didn't play it I don't know what update it went. I deleted the save game's and the settings and played the game from the start so it would say in the first six or so main quest that I can now play it like it does with Co-op but it didn't show up. Instead of deleting the game and having to download and install a 19.60gb game, would a patch that brings the option up be released. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is receiving this glitch. This is what my main menu looks like but without the 'Quit' option as I am playing on PS4.