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  1. I own the Dying Light base game and the Bozak Horde DLC. My question is, is it still worth buying the season pass? I will definitely be buying the following DLC when it is released, but if there are more DLC's to be released which will be included in the season pass, then I will buy the season pass rather than the DLC separately?
  2. Title says it all really, can't find anything online.
  3. So is the Bozak horde the last free dlc you get from the season pass? I had the season pass on xbox one, and didnt really use any of the dlc, i recently bought dying light on pc and I want to buy the Bozak horde, now if you get the dlc releases after the bozak horde as part of the season pas then i'll buy the season pass again, but if you have to buy the DLC's from now on, then ill just buy the bozak horde and future dlc's separately. Thanks in advance.